7 Ways To Be A Naughty, Dirty Girl – And Drive Him Wild!


When it comes to sex, every guy wants a naughty girl in bed – even if he insists you act like a lady in public (and he probably does). You’ve probably heard of the phrase, “a lady in the living room and a freak in the bedroom.” Here are seven ways to let your inner dirty girl out and surprise him with these salacious moves that will have him all but tearing your clothes off.

Give Him Oral Sex – While He’s On The Phone

Next time he’s on the phone with his boss or a business partner, surprise him by unzipping his pants and giving him an impromptu blowjob. He’ll love the unexpectedness of it, and it will definitely be difficult for him to hide his pleasure on the phone. In fact, his inability to concentrate on what he’s saying to the person on the other end of the phone is part of what makes this daring move oh-so-sexy. Just keep your cool when he’s on the phone with his mother – that could be creepy.

Wear A Wig To Bed

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Almost every guy dreams of getting the green light from his girl to get it on with another woman, even if he is committed to being completely monogamous. Indulge his fantasies by purchasing a wig (and a new outfit if you have the funds) and wearing it to bed. If he likes Asian girls, try slipping on a short, dark bob with bangs. If he likes redheads, grab the fieriest one you can find. He’ll love the idea of going to bed with “someone else.”

Bend Over And Let Him Take You – When He Least Expects It

When you’re feeling a little frisky and you and your man are alone, bend over and tell him to take you from behind. If you do this out of nowhere, when he least expects it, it will make him hotter than blacktop in August. Take his hand and lead him to the couch, the washer or the kitchen table (anywhere but the bedroom ups the naughty factor) and allow him to slip your panties off as you bend over for some doggy style lovin’.

Surprise Him With Naughty Pictures Of You

We know that guys are visual creatures – but even with all that porn he watches, what he really wants to see is you. Grab your digital camera and have a friend snap a few pics of your goods for your man to marvel when he’s alone. You can also do it yourself if you’re really shy – but honestly, having someone else take the photos will give you a much, much better end result.

If you have the money and are comfortable being nude in front of a professional, spring for some high end nude photos done by a professional photographer. A professional will make the lighting just right (which is super important for hiding flaws) and make sure the photos are taken at just the right angle. Any blemishes or imperfections can also be edited out. Professional is the way to go if you really want to give him a sultry, sexy keepsake gift. However, any nude photos of you will be enough to fuel his masturbatory fantasies for weeks.

Let Him Wrestle You Into Bed

Next time you and your love are getting ready to do it, give him a “hint” that you’re going to pretend that you actually don’t want to do it. Giving him a hint ahead of time is important, because he may get the wrong signal if you just pretend not to want it. Tell him that you want him to be a little forceful when wrestling you into bed as you squirm and try to get away. Then he can pin your hands or tie them up (if you like bondage) as he has his way with you.

This plays into the “rape” fantasy somewhat, but you and your partner definitely don’t have to take it so far as to make it feel like actual rape. A little bit of resistance from you and a little bit of force from him is all it takes to make you and your man feel like you’re doing something really taboo and naughty.

Let Him Catch You Masturbating – Then Ask Him To Join The Fun

Start masturbating just a few minutes before he gets home from work – just long enough to get yourself really aroused and ready for sex, but not long enough to actually give yourself an orgasm. Leave the bedroom door cracked open (or do it on the couch where he’ll see you full on as soon as he walks in – if you’re really brave) and make some noise so he doesn’t have to wonder what you’re doing in there for long.

When he “catches” you doing your thing, let him watch for a few minutes and then ask him to join in and finish you off. He’ll be more than happy to oblige!

Take Off Your Panties – In Public

When you and your love are out on a date, head to the bathroom to “freshen up.” In the bathroom, remove your panties and slip them into your purse. You will of course, want to make sure that you either bought or wore special panties for the occasion – “granny panties” just won’t do. When you head back to your table, make sure you make eye contact with your man and give him a big, naughty smile.

He’ll wonder what you were up to in there and when the waiter isn’t looking, slip him your panties under the table. Whisper in his ear that you’re not wearing anything now. Tell him that he turned you on so much that your panties were too wet to wear anymore. Bonus points if you can make it believable by rubbing your clitoris and actually getting yourself wet in the bathroom before you slip your panties off.

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