9 Ways Sex Can Make You Healthier


Sex feels good, there’s no doubt about that. But most people think that it is purely a recreational activity. However, studies show that it can actually improve your health! Couples who have great sex often lead healthier lives than those who don’t do it as often, don’t have a close, satisfying sexual relationship with their partners or single men and women who don’t have sex at all. Even masturbation can help make you healthier! Here’s how sex can give your wellness a boost.


Give Your Immune System A Boost

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Believe it or not, sex can actually improve the quality of your immune system! Studies show that regular, satisfying nookie can actually increase the effectiveness of your natural immune system by increasing the amount of immunoglobulin-A in the body. Immunogloblulin-A is the first antibody to react when the body has been invaded by a cold or flu virus, so more of this in the body is a good thing, especially during cold and flu season! What a great excuse to stay home in bed on a cold winter day, cuddling and making love with your partner!

Lower The Risk Of Death

Sure, sex is great and all, but did you know it can actually lower a man’s risk for death? The same goes for masturbation, because studies show that men between the ages of 45 and 59 who had an orgasm twice or more in a week’s time actually lowered their risk for death by as much as fifty percent!

Decrease The Risk Of Prostate Cancer

If you’re a man between the ages of twenty and fifty and ejaculate frequently, you’re actually decrease your risk of developing prostate cancer in the future! In this case, the more you ejaculate, the more you’re lowering your risk! Do you need a better excuse to ask your partner for more sex? The studies showed that men decreased their risk of developing prostate cancer by as much as 33%!

Make Your Period More Regular – And Stop Aging In Its Tracks

Women who are more sexually active – getting busy approximately a few times a week – tend to have menstrual cycles that are more regular than women who don’t have sex as often. This same study also produced findings that women who got it on at least weekly – without ever missing a week – aged more slowly than women who didn’t do it as much.

Ease Post Menopausal Symptoms

After menopause, the vagina can become dry and uncomfortable, and women can experience hot flashes as well as other symptoms when their bodies stop producing estrogen and other hormones necessary for reproduction. If a woman who has reached menopause has sex frequently – and at this age, “frequent” is considered about three or more times per month – her vagina tended to dry out less and produce more lubrication. She is also less likely to experience hot flashes. This is because sex increases the amount of estrogen in a woman’s body, which is the very thing women start to lack when they go through menopause.

Increase Your Threshold For Pain

Believe it or not, stimulation of a woman’s g-spot will actually help increase her threshold for pain. This is because pleasurable stimulation (with or without an orgasm) produces endorphins in the body – which are as effective as morphine at blocking pain. A woman can nearly double her pain threshold with regular sex!

Burn Calories And Boost Your Mood

Of course, it can help burn calories and boost your mood, for two reasons. First, your body burns calories during sexual activity because you’re working your body and sweating, but the activity will also boost your metabolism throughout the day (especially if you have morning sex), allowing your body to burn more calories during the day than it would have if you hadn’t had sex. A great orgasm will also boost your mood, as will the sheer act of being physical and feeling intimate with your partner.

Prevent Build Up Of Toxic Substances In The Body

If you’re a man who smokes cigarettes, drinks alcohol excessively or participates in illicit drug use, you might be surprised to find that certain substances – including cancer causing carcinogens – can build up in the ejaculatory fluid. Without regular sex or masturbation to expel the ejaculate, the body can simply harbor these chemicals and they will continue to build up until there finally is a release. Keep carcinogens and other unwanted chemicals from building up in your ejaculatory fluid by getting busy with your lover or masturbating until you reach climax regularly.

Decrease Headaches And Arthritic Pain

Studies also show that great sex reduces the intensity and frequency of headaches in both males and females, as well as the frequency and intensity of arthritic pain. This can be contributed to the release of endorphins through the body during sexual pleasure, especially during orgasm. If you have headaches often, or experience body aches and pains caused by arthritis, try increasing the amount you have sex with your partner or the amount you masturbate alone.

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