9 Ways To Get Laid On Vacation


The sex tips for your vacation is as follows: Get some! It’s really not a very good get away if you can’t get some action while you’re away. Here’s how you can get laid on your next trip!

What She Said:

Set the intention of finding a casual fling for your vacay – odds are you’ll meet someone with the same goal!

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Go Tropical

Nothing says “vacation” like getting lit on rum and trying to limbo. It’s a great way to show that you’re fun loving, you’re loosing up and you’re willing to shed your inhibitions! It’s also a great way to get a preview of who’s the most flexible amongst your potential flings. Bonus – the warmer the climate, the fewer the clothes.

Go On A Singles’ Cruise

Yep, it sounds cheesy – and yes, they do still exist! However, if you’re willing to set aside you’re skepticism, odds are you’ll be knee-deep in fun. What else are you going to do, stranded together in the middle of the ocean?

Hit The Bars

No matter where your getaway takes you, bars and alcohol are the universal combination for folks who want to socialize and let their guard down. This is doubly true when you’re at a tourist destination. Make eye contact, start up a friendly conversation and see where it leads.


Be it the restaurant, the bar or in line for the next parasailing spot. If you see someone you’re interested in, give him or her a smile. You’ve got nothing to lose!


Vacations aren’t reality – they’re an escape from the daily grind. Therefore the normal rules don’t apply. Approaching someone with a bold proposition that might get you slapped back home could be just the ticket for a freewheelin’ traveler. Especially during Spring Break or Burning Man. Just saying!

What He Said:

Be Direct

You don’t have forever to make this happen. You are on vacation for a short, specified time. Make the most of it. Go big or go home. Being shy just isn’t get this done. You need to have some confidence, liquid or otherwise.

Forget Who You Are

You are not your job or your home life or your obligations. All the stresses and duties you have at home are at home. Not on vacation. So if you’re not the type of person to have a threesome or have a one night stand or pick up someone at a bar, who cares? You aren’t that person on vacation. Be that guy or girl you’ve always wanted to be.

Be Fearless

What do you care if someone slaps you for being too bold? What do you care if you get shot down? You’re on vacation? You’ll never see these people again! It’s not like you vacation in the place you live and work! That’s not much of a vacation. So you go somewhere new and exciting, and you go there for a reason. So go for it! Say and do things that you wouldn’t normally. That’s what a vacation is. An escape from reality. Own it. Embrace it.

Take Accountability

It’s your vacation. Ownership of it is on your shoulders. If you have fun or you don’t, if you have sex or you don’t, it is on you. You can’t control other people so having goals based on other people may not be so great but make sure you control things on your end and you can’t go wrong.

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