Are You Committing These 4 Bedroom Mistakes?


As time goes by, it’s natural that certain things fall into a certain ‘routine’. However, when it comes to the bedroom, routine=boring. So, don’t you want to increase the sexual tension between you and your lady for more mind-blowing orgasms? Of course you do! Find out if you’re committing these four bedroom mistakes:

FOUR Bedroom Habits That Should Go BUST

You don’t MAKE LOVE, you just do things to reach an orgasm. This is probably the biggest gripe of women against us men folk: sex is like a race to the ejaculation finish line. Oh, where have the days gone when you used to engage in foreplay for hours? This is what women want from us once in a while. You know, savor the journey instead of focusing on the destination.

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You know your TV guide, better than your woman. A lot of men can’t seem to tune into sex until they’ve tuned out their TV sets. I know you need to unwind when you come home but for some nights at least, resist the urge to watch any TV. Almost scandalous during these times I know, but trust me, this one pays wonders in the bedroom!

Try this tonight: make it all about lovemaking tonight. The minute you arrive home, make sexual innuendos; start caressing a part of her body when no one’s looking; carry on flirting until you guys are in bed (or on top of the coffee table) and engaging in hot sex.Friday nights=poker nights; Saturday nights=sex. Nothing can be LESS romantic than sex on a schedule. If you engage in sex only on certain days (or worse, only on certain occasions), then chances are you are also using the exact same sexual moves, right? And then sex is all over in exactly 11.5 minutes.

Bust this habit! I know that it’s hard to get rid of something that’s so ingrained in your relationship already so try something that will jumpstart it again. For instance, buy your woman sexy, hot, see-through lingerie; subscribe to adult magazines; rent adult movies and watch them together. At this stage, you need a MAJOR injection of thrill in your relationship so do that and busting your sex schedule will occur naturally.

Be More Spontaneous

Why is it that we men are bent on treating our women like ‘eggshells’ or ‘proper ladies’ in the bedroom? Don’t you remember how being so hot and dirty earlier in your relationship resulted in the best sex ever?

And guess what? Women don’t always want tenderness between the sheets either! In fact, a lot of women will appreciate a little more excitement in the bedroom every now and then. (Just remember not to scare her by whipping out a pair of handcuffs right in the middle of sex!)

So just be a tad more adventurous tonight… for starters anyway. For example, when going oral, instead of going down on her, ask her to sit on your face instead. If she loves woman on top, try reverse woman on top where she faces your feet. If you guys always go missionary OR doggy-style, try one after the other tonight!

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