“Bad Girl” Sex Tips That Will Blow His Mind


You’re a nice girl in real life, but that doesn’t have to extend to the bedroom. Nor should it. You don’t have to be a bad girl, just screw like one. Bad girls are masters at blowing the male mind (and other parts). Here are some bad girl sex tips you nice girls can use to blow his mind just as well as any bad girl out there.

Here Are Her “Bad Girl Sex Tips”

Guys are simple creatures! They wear their “hard on” on their sleeve! They lose the ability to speak when they see a boobie or even hear someone say boobie. It does not take much to blow his mind, and I by no means mean this as a bad thing. It is what it is…

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Here are some ways that you can be his “bad girl”.


The more the merrier. Guys love these things! They love them everywhere, every time, all the time. They want them in the morning,they want them in bed, in the afternoon, at work, when they get home from work… I think you get the picture I am painting.

Initiate Sex

Be the first one to make a move. Instead of waiting to see if he is going to grab your boob, why not grab him? Get all
horny housewife on him and i guarantee he will love it and not be disappointed.

Be Prepared For Hot “Bad Girl” Sex

Have a stash of naughty lingerie and a few toys and oils and lubes to enhance any and all sexual experience. Remember this
is for you too so get some lube that is all for women, nothing hotter than a wet and ready woman in a teddy. Well, maybe if she is holding a beer :-).

Here Are His “Bad Girl Sex Tips”

Eye Contact

It is simple, yet profound and incredibly hot. You may not think it’s a really good sex tip, but trust me, it is and it will totally blow his mind. Why? Nothing’s hotter than a woman who really, really owns her sexuality. And eye contact is an important part of the seduction/sex process, because if you look like you want to fuck his brains out, you don’t need words. If you give him a look that says “I will suck your dick like the antidote is in there” he’ll be so hard for so long you’ll think he took a bottle full of Viagra.

Eye contact will help you blow your man’s mind because this simple technique can convey something men really love: being wanted. Yes, we’re guys. And yes, we traditionally make the first move. But we like it when you make the first move and we want to be wanted as much as you do. Making us feel wanted, making us feel like we’re the sexiest man on the planet is just plain hot as fuck. You eye fuck the shit out of your man and his mind will be blown, and he will worship you as his queen. Trust me.

Indulge His fantasies (ideally without him asking you to)

Everyone has a fetish or fantasy. Not everyone has the guts to say to their partner “I want (X)” flat-out. Most likely, they’ve dropped more than a few hints. Helping your man realize his fantasy/fetish is an incredible sex tip that guarantee you’ll blow his mind and then some. Just say “hey, I know you really want to try this” or better yet, just do it. Insist on it. He will love you for this

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