Best Places To NEVER Have Sex In Public


The idea of sex in public is so hot because its forbidden! It’s naughty and illegal in most places. Now I am all for spur of the moment sex and know sometimes it can be hard to keep your pants on and your legs off a guy’s shoulders.

But, be careful! Its all fun and games until you get arrested or embarrassed.

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If you are thinking of spicing up your sex life by taking it into the public arena, take a moment and take note of these places where you should always avoid public sex!

What “She Said” About Sex In Public

Here are my top 6 places to never have sex in public.

I know the list might be upsetting to some, but do not fear, there are a million other places that are not so public and not so illegal to do the deed. Never under-estimate a big back seat of a car or well shaded bush or even a slow-moving elevator. Just be prepared to get out, zip up wipe off and run!

1) In A Church

Maybe you are not a religious person but you know who is? 80 year old women and they do not look kindly on kinky going down on church grounds.

Plus even if you aren’t religious there is still some sort of bad karma that has to come out of coming in a church.


This is just not safe. A few things i have learned in my years is to never have sex while handling heavy machinery especially if that machinery is thousands of feet up in the air!

3) Near An Elementary School/Playground

This is just creepy. Not only could you scar children for life, I also would question why a couple would get turned on over the laughter of children? If anything when I hear children, the last thing I think about is having sex.

4) Near Law Enforcement Of ANY Kind

Do not even consider doing it near a cop, near a cop car, nor near a cop station. The same goes for getting it on at a court house! You are just asking to be caught.

5) Your Marriage Bed With Your Secret Lover

OK, this really isn’t a public place but it’s still needs to be mentioned for all the morons out there.

Aside from the fact that you are having an affair, this is a huge no-no! Have you ever seen a lifetime movie or any movie? The cheater always gets caught by the wife/husband and a lot of the time it happens at their house! If you are going to cheat stop being so cheap and get a hotel. Or nut up and get a divorce first!

6) In A Porta Potty

It’s movable sewage room! I do not care how horny you are, no one is ever that horny. Seriously, if this is your only option then you need to stop working at a carnival.

What “He Said” About Sex In Public

I’m not a fan of sex in public – PERIOD. But, here are my top 2 places you should never, ever have sex in public.

1) The Beach

Yes, it’s hot. But there’s this thing, called the internet. If it’s night, you have some cover, so to speak, but if you’re having sex on a beach in broad day light, do you really think it’s a good idea to have sex in public here, really?

You have nothing to hide behind, so there’s nothing to prevent someone from posting pictures and or video of you and your lover all over the internet, Tumblr, on free or pay porn sites, or wherever. And that shit can have a life of it’s own and someone you know may eventually wind up coming across it.

Sure it’s hot if they swing and you swing and you wind up hooking up, but if it’s the fat dude at the gym, or the crusty old lady who runs your school’s PTA, then that shit is going to get weird. Fast.

2) ANYWHERE (For Certain Professionals)

If you’re joe the plumber and you and your lover decide to have public sex, and you get busted by the cops, who cares? But if you’re a doctor, or a lawyer, or a cop or an elected official, and you hook up in public and you get caught, you’re loosing your license not to mention your job.

If you have a job that requires a certain licensing or high level of public interaction or a certain level of standing in the community, there’s never a good place for you to have sex in public.

You just can’t afford to risk it.

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