Best Sex Places Of 2010

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Thinking about having sex somewhere other than the boring old bedroom is enough to get your blood boiling and ready for some hot, sexy action. You may have only gone as far as to give your lover a blowjob in the car going down the highway (how else are you going to make long road trips go faster?) but there are tons of ideas that you have yet to discover.

Whether you’re a true exhibitionist and love being watched, or you want a private place to get down and dirty that is still somewhat public, there are literally hundreds of different areas in America to get it on. Remember making out at the movie theater when you were a kid – and then not being able to tell your mom what the movie was about? Take that to the next level by doing it with your partner in the back of a deserted movie theater.

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Want to really romance your lover and show them that you truly care? There are lots of ways to set up something ultra romantic and sensual, whether it be outside underneath the sparkling stars or in your bedroom surrounded by hundreds of candles – and yes, you’ll need at least 100 of them to really make an impact. Check out our list of best areas in America to get busy – and some of them are even in your own backyard!

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