Best Sex Places Of 2011


Sex tips give you the “how,” but rarely the “where.” You can learn all sorts of ways to please yourself and your partner when learning about sex, but many sex tips resources leave out one of the most fun things off all – having sex in all kinds of different areas! THESE sex tips will teach you lots of new areas to get it on in & your sex life will be hotter than ever!

This year, we’re going to look at some specific areas that you might have overlooked – and how you can make it even hotter.

  • On The Kitchen Counter/Breakfast Bar/Table/Floor. You get the idea here. The kitchen is one of the best areas in the house to get it on. The kitchen isn’t the only cool place in your home – check out more of the best places to have sex around the house!
  • In The Stairwell Of An Apartment Building. These are usually pretty deserted, and are a great place to hike your skirt up and have a quickie. Don’t miss more great places to have a quickie!
  • While Hiking In The Woods. You may think this one is cliche, but don’t knock it until you try it. If the woods aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other places to have sex and feel one with nature.
  • Road Head. Enough said. Of course, you don’t have to do it while driving. Check out more ways to have sex in the car.
  • In The Dressing Room At A Lingerie Store. Model some sexy lingerie for your lover and then get it on before you ever leave the dressing room. Don’t miss more ways to have sex while shopping to make your money spending excursions more fun!
  • Under The Table At A Restaurant. This works best if the tables have long tablecloths. Your partner can slip underneath and give you oral sex – just tell the waiter your date had to use the restroom. Get your exhibitionist on with these hot places to have sex in public.
  • On The Ledge Of A Billboard. Follow the sex tips of others who have gone before you and pick a darker one and wear dark clothes (or go at night) to avoid being seen. Don’t miss out on these truly unique places to get it on.

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