How To Have Better Sex RIGHT NOW!


Better sex comes with consistency. A lot of guys have a real tendency to swing from one extreme to another, thinking that the farther left or right of the continuum they go, the better sex becomes. When a girl asks you to go slow do you not only quit the breakneck speed, but swing to the opposite and equally annoying extreme. This mindset is no good. Instead, hone one of the most important sexual skills.

Pay Attention To Her Body Language

A woman’s body language (and her moans and groans) are your best guide during sex. When you pay attention to her body language, she will show you the way and tell you if you’re doing her right, instead of swinging from one extreme to another. Keep an eye and an ear on what she’s doing and how she’s responding, so that when you’re having sex you can tell what she likes and what she doesn’t.

Look For The Optimum Point

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This is home. It’s where things simply flow and sex is “WOW!”  The OP is the zone of leverage – the zone of perfect sensations. Below OP, you get meager result. Beyond it (when you’re doing too much or stay in the same spot for too long), you have diminished effectiveness. One might think that things get better beyond OP. No it doesn’t, in fact the opposite happens, you get diminishing returns. Just because you’re pumping faster and harder doesn’t mean she’s getting happier. Stay at OP – no more, no less.

Be Just Right

It’s the point in clitoral stimulation for example, where you don’t go too slow or too fast. It’s the duration of hot sex where it’s not a quickie but also not a death-defying marathon – it’s what women refer to when they say “just right.”

Discover Her OP

OP’s vary not only from woman to woman but even in the same woman. That doesn’t make your job more difficult, it only makes it more challenging. I’m sorry to tell you that finding OP is not something you can read on a page. To cater to YOUR woman and give her better sex, you’re going to have to learn HER specific OP.

Play around and try different speeds, different strokes and different things on your girl. Since you’re the one in the room with her, you can observe her reactions – her body will talk to you, so listen to it!

This is never automatic, and like many things in life, it’s not mastered by simply sitting around and reading e-books, it’s honed by reading bodies. That means you actually have to dive to the trenches, commit the mistakes and learn from them, only then can you become a master. People have a word for it; I think they call it PRACTICE!

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