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Better sex is completely reliant on you. Making the same mistakes that so many other men make is not going to help you. Learning how to separate yourself from the rest will give you the confidence you need when pleasing a woman. Here are some ways that you can immediately improve yourself in bed.

Don’t Put Too Much Focus On Intercourse

Being a great lover you is about being able to please a woman. It’s all about her orgasm first. You must be able to bring her to climax before you. Then she’s going to want to bring you to climax and the sex is going to be that much better.

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Too many men focus on the intercourse. They’re all about being good in the intercourse part, you know, good in the dynamic part of sex. A lot of men spend too much time researching sexual positions: how to flip a woman over and how to do it from behind and what the best missionary positions are.

And that’s all great. Understanding all the different positions and different moves and how to stimulate the g-spot are all fantastic. These are all things that you need to know to be a dynamic lover.

It’s All About Mindset

If you haven’t figured out by now, life is 100% mindset. When a man meets a woman for the very first time and there’s sexual energy between the two of them, it’s not just about what you’re going to do with them physically, it’s all about the foreplay ahead of time that really drives a woman wild and actually drives the man wild too.

When you’ve got a lot of mental foreplay with somebody, it opens up a whole new world of sexuality. A lot of men and women don’t understand the art of talking dirty, or how important it is to really bring somebody to orgasm. But more important, a lot of men don’t realize the emotional connection that women need to have. Because men tend to think with their little head, and women, well, they have a little head too, but their little head is so small they don’t really think with it.

Use Her Emotion

In order to massage a woman, in order to get her to really open up sexually to you, you need to be able to understand the way that she is wired emotionally. I’ve said so many times that women are like giant a giant clitoris. If you go in for the kill right away, they’re basically going to be shut down.

You’ve got to learn how to open them up. You got to learn how to really become a dynamic lover, because that is what they’re looking for. It’s like licking an ice cream cone. Spend the time to savor each and every drop.

Becoming the most dynamic lover is not just about physical. It’s about understanding her emotional core for then seduction and teasing her. Learn how to control your mindset, learn how to influence hers, and you’re already on your way to becoming the best lover possible.

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