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Sex tips can help with everything from technique to gauging her reaction on different touches. But none of this matters if you can’t go the distance. Notice how women hurl and laugh the hardest at premature ejaculation gags? You’ll be laughing with familiarity too if you deal with it on a nightly basis.

There’s a female comical recognition when a punch line tags the guy who explodes a mere 13  thrusts into the game. But for our purposes here, we’ll look at “Going the Distance” (GTD) beyond the superficial issue of premature ejaculation.

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It’s not a far out question, is it? In case you didn’t know, sex is very physical. Intercourse is intense. It’s ugly. It’s fierce. Your pupils dilate, your heart pounds so hard and threatens explosion, breathing gets heavier and labored by the minute, body temperature rises to fever pitch and you sweat like you’re on fire. Muscles tense so hard they feel like concrete, your brain lights up like a thousand Christmas trees, and you thrash around, contending with another human being who’s exhibiting the same symptoms.

People die during sex, you know – and it’s not just the battle-tested elderly. Learning how to last longer in bed requires a consenting body. If you can’t even support your own weight, how far do you think will you go? How long will you last if after a few maneuvers, you’re already panting and teetering on an asthma attack?

If you want to go somewhere, you better be fit to go. Settling for less, because your body won’t allow the naughty things in your head, is indeed a sexual tragedy. Especially when you know you deserve to enjoy so much more.

Use Intense Workouts For More Stamina

So shape up! Run like hell. Bike. Get to a gym. Consult your doctor first if the need be. Get fit, eat right! You’re flooded everyday with health information and you actually already know what to do. You just have to get into doing them. (Don’t even try to make your age, schedule or lifestyle be an excuse.)

Good health gives you more sexual options. You don’t know the number of grossly obese people who settle for sex positions just because it’s the only one left that doesn’t pose serious health risks. You don’t know the number of men who fear that a heart attack might be around the corner every time they get their grooves on – living with the constant fear their corpses would be found at a nearby motel and blasted on the evening news. Being healthy simply makes sense, because if you’re dead, you can’t do it no more! No, the dead don’t score!

Visualize Sex Beforehand

Sex is not only very physical, it’s also very mental. How you VISUALIZE better sex will often find itself manifested in the real thing. How you think about it will ultimately be reflected in your style.

Check your imagination; you need a mind that sees beyond the obvious, a mind that can think in ways novel and exciting. GTD means constantly creating, improving and breaking routines. It’s being able to think about sex beyond the bed, the bedroom, penis & vagina and ejaculation. Mentally going the distance means applying your creative energies and discovering that sex is so much more than what you originally thought it to be.

When you see a made bed or a kitchen table, what do you really see? How open and ready are you to engage in the world of sexual positions, sex toys, fantasies and activities available for two horny consenting adults? The limits lie only in your head, in your imagination. Sex is mental, and you got to see it in your mind first before you see it manifested.

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