Q&A: Cosmetic Surgery – Should I Get Circumcised?


As more and more mothers choose not to circumcise their sons, men are growing up with intact penises and may wonder how it’s going to affect their sex life as they get older. Do women like uncircumcised penises or do they prefer circumcised ones? If you haven’t had a circumcision, should you get one when you start having sex?

Question: Hey, I’m uncircumcised and have thought about getting circumcised before just because it looks better. Do girls find it more attractive?? That would probably be the only reason I would get circumcised. Is it worth it?

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Do Girls Prefer Circumcised Penises?

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Every woman likes something different in the bedroom. Some women prefer the feel of an intact penis, while others simply like the way a circumcised penis looks. Some women feel that a circumcised penis is cleaner and feel more comfortable giving a man oral sex if he’s cut, while others simply don’t care. It’s impossible to know whether the majority of women like circumcised or uncircumcised penises, because everyone likes their own things when it comes to sex and sexual preferences come in all colors and flavors. Don’t base your surgery decision on the myth that most women like circumcised penises because it’s simply not true. You never know – the love of your life may prefer intact penises!

Please Her Other Ways

Pleasing a woman during sex has very little to do with the size, shape and appearance of your penis and more to do with your skill in the bedroom. Make your woman feel beautiful, ravished, and satisfied with incredible orgasms and she probably won’t remember a thing about your penis size or shape, and she definitely won’t care if it’s cut or uncut! If you’re considering getting circumcised to please women in the bedroom, there are so many different and less drastic ways to satisfy her sexually. Learn to give her amazing orgasms by going down on her, or study up on the best positions for female orgasms. Focus on her pleasure and make sure you’re giving her an incredible night. If you do, she’ll like your penis no matter what it looks like!

Make The Choice For Yourself

The most important thing when considering any kind of cosmetic surgery is to make sure you’re doing it for yourself. If you’re thinking about getting surgery because you want to please someone else in particular, or just want to look better for the opposite sex, you’re not going to be happy after the surgery. Make sure it’s something that you want, and you’re willing to take the risks in order to get it. With circumcision surgery, you may have a loss of sensation afterwards or the surgeon could end up removing too much foreskin, causing erections to become tight and uncomfortable. Take into account the healing period as well and think about how long you’ll have to go without sex before your penis is ready to get back in the game. If you make the decision to get circumcised, make sure it’s what you want.

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