Cuddling After Sex – 3 Reasons Women Love It And Guys Should Do It


What is cuddling? It’s an after-sex position you get into when your girl asks you to hug her. Cuddling is done like the spoon position, but with less erotic touching and more hugging. Women love to cuddle right after sex. If you’re anything like every other guy around, you probably think nothing of falling asleep right after sex but your girl might have other ideas. The general notion is that most men don’t think of cuddling as the main after-sex activity, and it’s just another one of those things that women do to get a guy’s attention.

But men would benefit greatly if they learned the art of “post-sex” lovemaking. Here are some reasons why women love cuddling after sex and why all guys should do it.

Cuddling Adds Romance After A Session Of “Animal” Sex

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Sex leaves her feeling vulnerable. Every woman wants to feel loved even after a few hours of uninhibited animal sex. She wants to know that she is adored by the man she slept with. Regardless of your relationship status with the woman, she wants to feel that she’s with someone who thinks of her as “special.” The greatest thing a man can do to show his affection after sex is to cuddle and whisper in her ear. The act of talking while cuddling becomes special because, in a girl’s mind, it’s still a part of love making.

Cuddling after sex turns into a woman’s emotional release. Having an orgasm during sex is satisfying, but the emotional gratification isn’t complete without some romance after sex.

Cuddling Helps Women Prepare For The Next Round

Unlike most men, women can go for seconds after a short while. Women are capable of multiple orgasms, but these big O’s don’t always come one after another during sex. Sometimes, a woman needs to recuperate and recharge her physical and emotional batteries before going for it again.

A show of affection by touching and cuddling can boost arousal. Think of it as after-play and foreplay for the next round. If you’ve encountered women who don’t want a second round, it’s probably because you’ve never tried the “romantic cuddle” trick to getting her to say yes again.

Women Want To Talk

Cuddling after sex is a woman’s way of saying “let’s talk”. Women treat sex like an intimate date, which means conversation before and after sex. Strangely enough, women are less prone to getting mad or sulking when they’re completely satisfied with the love making. This means the conversation that ensues will be less strained, more relaxed and more fun.

I know most guys would rather sleep right after love making, but trying to stay awake to hear her talk about her day is recommended. A man isn’t supposed to fall asleep during this post-sex talk. If you’re having trouble keeping your eyes open during this time, I suggest going to the kitchen for a snack (with her in tow) or sitting up in bed to drink water while she cuddles next to you.

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