Dirty Talk For Guys – What They REALLY Want To Hear


Dirty talk will turn a man on like you wouldn’t believe! Here’s what to say to rev his engines and really get him going.

What She Said

Guys are visual creatures so it’s understood that once a lady is naked, he’s not listening to a word you are saying. Then again, even when women are fully clothed, guys have a hard time listening. All jokes aside, there are things women can say that men love to hear. A good place to start is with his best friend (and hopefully yours) his penis.

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Praise him for how big it is and how it makes you feel. Regardless of the size, you should tell him it’s the biggest you have ever seen and even letting out a squeal of delight when you first lay eyes on it is a plus. While having sex you can exaggerate your moans and heavy breathing but be careful, there is a fine line between expressing your enjoyment and sounding like a porn star. Saying his name is also a super hot thing to do, as long as you remember what his name is.

Also throwing in some dirty talk is great! You don’t have to know that to say when it comes to dirty talk, you can just describe to him how amazing he is making you feel or even graphically tell him how bad or hard you want it. Words like “hot, wet, throbbing” are also good. Guys love to have their ego stroked and are competitive creatures and they want to know they can get you off and please you.

Basically the right things to say are anything that inflates his ego! Telling him he feels huge, or is the best you have ever had is a major win. Make your man feel like a superhero. If you really want to turn up the heat, saying, “Oh God, I am going to come,” will send him through the roof! So only, use that phrase when you have gotten what you want and are ready for your big strong stud of a man to come too.

What He Said

It be one part porn star, one part weather reporter. It should be hot and nasty (if you think you’re going to dirty or blue, you aren’t going far enough. This is where you tell him how amazing he and his baby maker are, in great, great detail. It’s almost too much to handle, feels so great, you may be sore tomorrow, you might walk funny tomorrow, it’s hitting your g-spot, etc.

Also, you should be like the weather channel: constant updates. If he’s doing it right, tell him. If he needs to touch your clitoris, be sure to let him know. He wants to rock your world more than you want him to, so give him the verbal cues he needs. Hell, draw him a map if you have to. Engraved invitations are good too. Remember to be careful how you phrase this. Don’t tell him he’s doing anything wrong, even if he is. Tell him it would be really hot if he did (fill in the blank).

Basically, your job is to make him feel like the most amazing stud lover on the planet, one that every woman wants but only you have (unless you’re in an open relationship or into swinging, and that’s another column). If you do a good job of it, you’ll be rewarded, day and night. Every man loves to feel like God’s gift to the vagina (gay men not so much) and I would encourage you to go into great detail about how he rocks your world like no other.

You don’t have to lie, that may not be the best idea either. Focus on what he’s legitimately good at and work from there. He’s really eager to learn to do you better. Focus on not just doing it during naked time but giving clues on how to improve in terms of comments you make during boom boom time. He’ll probably pick up quicker than you think and if he doesn’t, just keep dropping hints, and be less and less subtle.

Make him feel like the king of your castle. That’s really what all this boils down to. Men love to feel strong just as much as women love to feel safe and secure. You should do that, and use language that would make Prince blush.

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