Discover The One Powerful Skill That Will Turn You Into an Exceptional Lover


A true master in the art of making love knows that every woman has different wants and needs. Therefore, a lover a can only really become a masterful lover to the one woman he takes the time to learn.

A masterful lover realizes that each woman will have specific tastes in the bedroom. While one woman might like her man to be rough, another might prefer her man to take the more gentle approach.

The Sexual Uniqueness of Men and Women

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Yes, like men, every woman will have the same basic likes and dislikes, but that is only on the surface. Think about it, while most of us like the taste of fruit, some of us prefer an orange over a banana.

This is what makes every man and woman unique. It is this uniqueness that a masterful lover will try to discover and appreciate in his partner, thus will take the necessary time needed in order to truly know what turns his woman on.

No matter what techniques you learn, none of them will really matter if you have no idea what your woman’s true desires are. Therefore, if you want to become an exceptional lover in your woman’s eyes, it is important that you learn one very important skill;

The Art of Paying Attention To Her

In order to master the “art of paying attention”, you need to learn to listen to every moan and groan your woman makes while you are making love with her. Now there is a difference between listening and really listening. I am talking about the type of listening that is able to interpret each moan and groan your woman makes.

You have to find out if a certain groan means that she likes what you are doing, or if it means that you should stop what you are doing. This takes time, concentration, and patience.

In order to successfully interpret every noise that your woman makes, you also need to learn to pay attention to every movement she makes during sex. Is she squirming her pelvis during a cunnilingus session because she is enjoying what you are doing, or is it because she is signaling you to stop as she is feeling uncomfortable with the type of stimulation you are applying?

By paying attention to both her movements and noises, you will soon be able to get an accurate interpretation what she is feeling, and what she would really like you to do to her.

The Importance of Verbal Communication During Lovemaking

Verbal communication also plays a big part in the “Art of Paying Attention”. I am talking about the type of communication that goes on during a love making session. This is where you really have to be careful. If you ask too many questions, you will simply annoy your partner.

In order to verbally communicate with her , you have to do it in such a way that it actually becomes part of the love making ritual. There are many ways to find out exactly what your woman likes or dislikes, while at the same time using the question and tone of your voice to turn her on and keep her on that “erotic high.”

An example of this would be to seductively ask your woman how she is feeling while you are stimulating any part of her hot zones.

Keep the questions short and make them sound sexy.

For example, the wrong way to do it would be to stop what you are doing and say something like this; “Now, when I move my finger up and down like this, does it make you feel excited, or should I rather move it in a circular motion.Really, which one is better; up and down like so, or circular like so …”. At this point you might as well put your clothes on, politely say goodbye to her, and show yourself out. Don’t forget to shut the door behind you.

Communicating the Right Way During Sex

The right way to verbally communicate with your woman during sex is by continuing to do what you are doing, and while you are doing it, say the following softly in the most sensual and sexiest voice you can muster; “does that feel good?”, or “do you like that?”.

Now, if you have “paid attention”, you will realize something very important. Not only are the questions short, but they also require a simple yes or no. This ensures that your woman does not have to strain her self too much by having to pull herself out of concentration to answer your long “philosophical” questions. She simply has to say yes, no, nod, shake her head, say “hmmm hmmm”, or “mhhhh mhhhh”.

Another thing to keep in mind, as short and sexy as these questions may seem, don’t ask them after every friggin move you try on your woman. That will also bug the hell out of her. The perfect balance is to verbally ask her a question now and then, while at the same time paying attention to every noise and movement she makes. Once you have accomplished that, you will be well on your way to becoming an exceptional lover.

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