Do NOT Make These 4 Sex Mistakes!


Sex tips can help you avoid leading your sex life into a rut. Pay attention to these sex tips and DON’T make these bedroom faux pas!

It will come as a shock for those who think that it’s the guys who are willing to move heaven and earth just so women consider kinky stuff. Apparently, women believe guys are too boxed and set in their ways. Bedroom events have become fairly standard, easily predictable and therefore boring. It’s the same old stuff!

1. Always Doing The Same Thing

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This ‘same old stuff’ happens to be the “foreplay, then penetration, then ejaculation” sequence – which has been regarded by many as the divine definition of sex. For most, this has been the way to go…the only way to go. It’s been so ingrained in the way we operate we don’t even notice. And if you’re thinking, “Well, because it’s just the way things are!” You are also not alone in that thought.

But FPE is just one of the ways. There’s clearly nothing wrong with it, but it’s not the only recipe for bliss. For example, you can leave out 1 element in the sequence and still have an awesome time. You can skip foreplay, for example, and still have great sex (uhhh, Quickies hello!) You also don’t need to penetrate every time, because sometimes, getting head is enough. And ejaculation doesn’t signal any end, you can treat it as if nothing happened.

2. It’s No Fun

Did you know that sex can be spontaneous, festive and FUN?

I bet you know that already. Still, many act as if they’re apprenticing to become masters of bedroom boredom. They get serious, silent and so intent on cashing-in those orgasms.

But when you really think about it, when it comes to sex, WOMEN SIMPLY WANT TO HAVE A GOOD TIME. Girls just want to have fun. That’s what it all boils down to.

As an avenue for good time and feeling good, sex need not be raw all the time, it need not be serious or heavy. You can be highly playful, allow your imagination to have a field day and have lots of laughter with your partner.

Sex is not a dead-end job, so quit being grave and bring that FUN FACTOR into bed. Bring a whole lot of horny, but don’t forget to bring a whole lot of fun.

3. It’s Too Impersonal

The You Factor – let it shine – that’s what makes sex with you unique.

It’s your distinguishing mark.

Bring in those emotions, sense of humor, sense of adventure, yes, even naivete. Don’t leave that guy out – he was fun! Your personality is one of the most compelling excuse she’s in bed with you (besides the fact that she’s married to you). Don’t fool yourself, you’re not that hot.

Sex needs a personal touch. Unfortunately, many guys have unconsciously objectified their partners and have depersonalized sex as a series of EVENTS. Women on the other hand focus on the PERSON. Can you sense the dissonance of genders here? Women focus on the person, men see the object and the event.

4. Doing It With A “Thing”

Is intercourse with a SEX OBJECT different? Does calling her ‘a piece of ass,’ ‘a piece of meat’ or reducing her to a cup size or a hair color, affect the resulting sex?

You bet it does, every last bit of it! For it clearly matters if you think your partner is a woman or a masturbation sleeve.

People don’t give squat about objects, we USE them, and their sole purpose is to delight our erotic whims. We don’t care about feelings, because objects don’t have feelings. It won’t matter if we serve them a lifetime supply of lame sex – they’re objects!

There is another PERSON (not thing) in the sexual act. It is very, very important that you treat the body next to you as a person and avoid treating a woman like a “thing.” Well, not because you’re a gentleman – not really. This is more for your sake than hers.

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