Drive Any Girl Wild In Bed With These 3 Raunchy Sex Secrets


Sex tips are the backbone for men that every woman wants and desires to have in bed. These men know how to fully satisfy women’s innermost desires and get them to respond because they have taken the time to know the art of lovemaking.

And most of all, they love to lavish attention on the beauty that is the female body. Here are 3 steamy sex secrets from the sex gods that you can use to make your woman fall all over you. Pay heed to this “gender intelligence” and become a sex god yourself!

1. The Art Of Silent Conveyance

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Let your eyes, hands and body do the talking . A woman should know that you want her without you having to speak the words. This is conveyed in the way that you look at a woman, the way that you behave around a woman and the way you touch a woman’s body.

Let your fingers rest on hers for a second longer than necessary. Look at her with desire in your eyes. Get her emotionally prepared for what is coming next, and have her eagerly anticipating it as well!

2. The Art Of Tender Embrace

Once you are sure that your advances are welcomed, take her into your arms and begin kissing her, caressing her at the same time. Touch her all over, but do not fumble, stumble or grope. Your movements should be fluid and you should embrace her body.

Give her sensual delight and she will be over the moon in no time. Embracing her is not just fumbling around with her breasts and vagina; it is the intimate act of getting her physically and mentally aroused for sex.

3. The Art Of Oral Exploration

Sexual intercourse is not the only way to sexually gratify a woman. Cunnilingus is often billed as one of the “most wanted” sexual acts by women, and for a simple reason. The tongue is your body’s strongest muscle. And the tantalizing touch of a man’s tongue on a woman’s body is like no other, and cannot be replicated by any other things.

Being naturally lubricated with saliva, your tongue is also a far more effective and maneuverable tool than your penis to give her awesome orgasms. Learn how to tease her clitoris orally and you will have her as hot as a tigress in heat, waiting to burst forth with orgasmic pleasure.

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