First Time Sex Tips – 5 Signs You’re Emotionally Ready for Sex


Sex is a part of a lasting relationship. Men and women alike need an outlet for their emotions, and there’s no better one than love making. Sex makes you feel connected with your partner in the most intimate way possible. By engaging in sex, you’re opening up yourself to your partner physically, emotionally and psychologically.

If you’re not in the “completely intimate” mindset yet, I don’t blame you.

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You’ve probably heard of more than a few couples that split almost immediately after they did it for the first time. There are many factors for the split up, but more often than not, one or both didn’t expect to be dealing with too intense emotions too soon in their relationship.

Sex is a double edged sword. It can make or break your relationship. It can deepen your love for each other, or it can turn you both into possessive, jealous individuals who become co-dependent and eventually burn out.

So, how do you know you’re ready for sex with your partner? Here are some guide questions you can ask yourself if you’re thinking of going for it with your boyfriend.

  • Are you comfortable with your body?

Everyone has insecurities, but some women are more insecure about their physical appearance than others. If you look at yourself in the mirror and think you’re ugly, you might want to sort out your insecurities first before exposing yourself to a guy.

  • Are you completely sure he likes YOU, and not just the sex?

When sex becomes a factor in your relationship, you will always associate your insecurities with sex. For instance, he doesn’t want to do it with you or you caught him looking at nude photos of this or that starlet online. If you’re not sure he’s into you, you might end up thinking he’s secretly wishing you have bigger breasts or a trimmer tummy.

  • Do you trust him?

Trust plays a big role in love making. If you don’t trust your guy, and you’re secretly fretting whether he will use protection, or that he will not do anything that could hurt you, you’d better think twice before going to bed with him.

  • Are your motives pure?

Sharing intimacy should be about giving and receiving pleasure with a man you care enough for. In a sense, sex is a celebration of the love and friendship you have. You’re opening yourself up to the pleasure he can provide, and at the same time, you’re showing your willingness to shower him with the physical version of your affection.

If you’re using sex as a tool to make him more attached to you, to make someone else jealous or to make him like you over another girl, you’re just setting yourself up for a heart break later on.

  • Are you sure it’s what you want?

There are so many reasons why women put out, and some of these reasons may have something to do with peer pressure, like when your friends (or your boyfriend) constantly ask why you’re not doing it yet. If you have reservations about making love, wait until you’re ready to avoid regretting your actions later on.

If you answered “YES” to all the five questions above, then you really are ready to have sex.

Sex can intensify your feelings and improve your relationship with a guy naturally. It can also be the mortar that solidifies your relationship, so you can build a good foundation for the future.

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