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There’s one thing you need to know before we get started. Women DO judge new lovers, and all of their friends will hear about you. (I know it sucks, but it’s completely true)

There is nothing that can ruin an amazing sexual experience more, than a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing in the bedroom…

And no, it’s not just about giving her an orgasm; it’s about the entire experience, right from the very beginning. Hot women know that they have their pick of any guy they want. So if the entire sexual experience isn’t enjoyable, and doesn’t feel right, they are going to move on to the next guy, and you are going to be left at home with nothing more than your hand and some internet porn.

Sex Secret #1

Being a great lover in bed is NOT about Size, it’s about knowing how to use what you’ve got! Most guys think that the only way to pleasure a woman is with a big penis. This is totally and completely NOT TRUE!

If all a woman wanted was a huge penis, we’d all be racing to the sex shop to buy the largest toys they had. Being a great lover is about knowing how to tap in to what your partner really wants, and having the skills to give it to her.

Men are the same way… what feels better to you?

When a woman performs the same motion over and over with little to no variation?

Or when she is so in sync with you and what your body wants, that it feels like she’s in all the right places and exactly the right time?

Sex Secret #2

Women cannot orgasm if you can’t lead BOTH her body AND mind!

Women know that you judge how we look with our clothes off – but we judge A LOT more than just ‘that’ about you.

And guess what. We judge your sexual  foreplay techniques more than anything else. Why? Because, it is absolutely vital to us, if we are going to get warmed up and relaxed enough to have an orgasm. Getting us warmed up properly involves knowing how to drive us wild with your words, your touches, your kisses and everything else that leads up to us taking our clothes coming off.

If you don’t know how to make a woman feel excited with your sexual intelligence, care, and mind-blowing sex techniques, then we will feel uncomfortable. And at that point, there is no chance we can orgasm.

Sex Secret #3

The #1 reason a woman will cheat is because you don’t satisfy her the right way in bed!

Women crave great sex (maybe even more than men). But without excitement in the bedroom, the sex can become mundane and feel more like a chore than the Earth-shaking, body-rocking experience we really want. And when a guy doesn’t know how to pleasure us the right way, we may go out and look for a guy who can.

Sex Secret #4

Most women are a lot more open and wild than you’d ever expect! Women talk about their sexual encounters A LOT more than guys do. We tell our girlfriends about EVERY detail when we have sex with a guy. And I can tell you from experience, that when one of us can’t stop talking about how amazing a guy was in bed, big things are going to go down

For starters, some women openly share their guys name and number with a friend so she can have some “fun” too. Women will also be a lot more open to inviting their girlfriends over for a threesome. So if you truly ever want to have truly wild sex life you are going to need the bedroom skills required.

INTRODUCING – The Porn Star Sex Life “Incredible Sex Video Series”

Who better to teach you the secrets to blowing a woman’s mind than October 2009 Penthouse Pet, former Playboy Radio host, Adult Film Star, Exotic Dancer and sexual educator Ryan Keely? Ryan is here to help you by demonstrating (in explicit detail) all the right moves, techniques and sex positions you need to know to have your lover begging for more.

The Incredible Sex Video Series includes 10 exciting modules – All of which you can watch INSTANTLY in our private ‘members only’ website.

It is quite simply THE BEST program on giving this kind of pleasure to women, of it’s kind EVER MADE! It’s Your Complete Guide To Getting Her Off!

The Incredible Sex Video Series isn’t simply a collection of amazing sex techniques… It’s your complete step-by-step system to achieving the wild and exciting sex life you’ve always fantasized about – And giving your partner the greatest sexual pleasure they’ve ever experienced.

I want to share with you the 10 modules that make up “The Incredible Sex Video Series”… I’m positive you’re going to love it as much as I do.

Module 1 – “Sensual Touch” – Find out how to how to touch, kiss, and undress any girl in a way that will have her begging for more.

Module 2 – “Fingering Techniques” – There are things you can do with your fingers that you can’t do with any other part of your body.

Module 3 – “Advanced Fingering Techniques” – These advanced fingering techniques that will get her so hot and bothered that she’ll be begging for more. And deep emotional orgasms that are so intense, most women refer them as “The Ultimate Orgasm”.

Module 4 – “Oral Sex Techniques” – Discover  why most men are losing their women to other women (Here’s a hint: Women are better at giving oral sex) AND the techniques to become a “master” of going down on her!

Module 5 – “Things You See In Porn That Are Bad Ideas” – If you try to imitate most of what you see in the movies, your partner will most likely walk out and never come back.

Module 6 – “Amazing Positions A to Z” – Being an amazing lover has nothing to do with those “fold her up like an origami crane” positions. It’s all about knowing how to “compliment” each others bodies by making tiny changes to your favorite positions.

Module 7 – “Anal Sex And Dirty Play” – So, if you’re interested in trying out “backdoor sex” with your woman (or any woman for that matter), then you need to pay close attention.

Module 8 – “Fetish And Advanced Dirty Play” – WARNING: This module is ONLY for the most adventurous of lovers! However, if you are daring enough to explore your “inner-freak” you may never want to go back.

Module 9 – “Staying In The Game” – If you want to last longer in bed, and drain your girl of ALL her energy, by giving her the most intense sexual experience of her life – Then this may be the most important module of all for you.

Module 10 – “Safe Sex” – Trust me, if she starts pissing razor blades, she will NEVER sleep with you again. Not only that, but if YOU catch something nasty, it won’t be a picnic for you either.

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