5 Simple Things To Help You Get In The Mood For Sex


Getting in the mood is can be a challenge for a lot of women. If you have trouble getting into the mood or you experience low libido, it can be a constant challenge to put yourself into that frame of mind.

No matter what your situation is, it’s important for you to realize that there are a lot of women that have trouble getting into the mood. This can cause problems in the relationship and even lead to cheating in extreme cases.

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Here are a few very simple things that can help you get in the mood for sex.

#1 Take A Bath To Get In The Mood

It is common knowledge that women feel much more comfortable and sexy after they have bathed. Taking a hot bath is one of the best ways to put yourself in the mood. Lower the lighting and put on some soft music while you take a bath. One of the biggest factors of low libido is the outside world. Stress and work can easily put a damper on your sex life.

When you take a bath you will be relaxed and the soft music will take all of your problems away. Make sure that the water is just above what you would like it to be. This way you can stay in longer without having to run more hot water into the bath. Wash yourself so that you feel clean and sexy. You should also tell your partner not to disturb you. Having alone time will do wonders for getting yourself into the mood.

#2 Have A Date To Get In The Mood

With busy lives, work schedules and kids it hard to get in the mood. Having a date night with your partner is an excellent way to bring the spark back into the relationship.

Go to a restaurant that you have never been to before and order for each other. Make it a point not to talk about work or the kids. Anything that puts a strain on your libido or your sex life should not be brought up during your date. Escapism is used for a lot of different types of stress and this exercise can really benefit you.

Getting into the mood is about letting go and being comfortable with your partner. So make sure that you are allowing yourself to have fun on your date.

#3 Watch A Porno To Get In The Mood

Porn is one of the most common ways for women to put themselves in the mood. The digital age that we live in has made it even easier to get porn. If you’re not offended by porn, go ahead and queue up your computer. Find a video that turns you on.

Some women are turned on by lesbian porn while others like to live out their fantasies in the BDSM world. All women are different so you need to find something that you like. Experiment a little. Watching a few different short videos can really put you in the mood. Variety is the spice of life so treat yourself. This is also something that you can do with your partner to get in the mood.

#4 Get A Makeover To Get In The Mood

Once of the most common things that women do after they have a bad break up is get a makeover. A makeover can be an excellent way to boost your self-confidence and make you feel more sexy. There are a lot of women that suffer from low libido because they have little to no confidence.

Knowing that you look great is directly correlated to feeling great. When you upgrade your perception of how you look will be able to get into the mood much faster much more often. Consider changing your hair, buying some new clothing or getting real advice on how to apply your make up.

If you really want to shake things up, buy some new lingerie for your boyfriend or husband. Watching their jaw drop when you appear in your new lingerie can be enough to put you in the mood.

#5 Sext Each Other

Sexting is a very common practice with couples these days. The best thing about sexting is that it can be done virtually anywhere. Before you go home, sext your boyfriend or husband. Ask him to tell you about all of the dirty things he wants to do to you. The fact that you can’t do those things right then and there will be enough to get you in the mood, but the anticipation of him doing them could be more than you can handle.

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