How To Get Her To Have Sex With You – Even When She Doesn’t Want To!


Can you have sex with your partner, even if she’s not in the mood, has a headache or doesn’t want to? You bet you can! Here’s how!

Women want men to understand one simple reality – that sometimes, she’s just not up for it, and it’s nothing personal.

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Sometimes sex can be the last thing in a person’s mind. Hey, even guys in their sexual prime have those days when they’d rather be alone, get some TV time and cement that butt impression on their couches. Sometimes a deluge of projects and deadlines can drown little Johnny’s screams for action. Of course, women have these days too! (Plus the PMS. Well, some have PMS the whole year!)

Have Excellent Timing

This is simply knowing the difference between a good and a bad time. Jerks who march up to her in the middle of the night, all hot & horny, a little drunk and expecting some action, would be better off couching with their blow-up dolls. If they’re going to be Mr. Wrong Timing, they might as well be masturbating!

A 6th sense is needed to develop timing and it takes a balancing & gauging act to know the difference between a genuinely bad, hopeless sexual situation, and a massage-able/negotiable one – there are no hard and fast rules. Your ability to calibrate will improve as you get to know your woman.

Master The Art Of Gentle Persuasion

Great lovers master the art of gentle persuasion and subtle influence. They don’t decide for women, they gradually encourage them into a decision. A little look here, a little touch there, a massage packaged as time-out from her stressful schedule – and she’s bound to come around. It will only be a matter of time before she caves in and melts into his arms – it’s magic.

Set A Woman At Ease

Set her at ease. Clear the way for her brain to focus on your caresses instead of on last week’s deadline. A woman at ease is in a state of openness – to anything – sex included. And that’s way better than having someone wary of your moves. Anything you do to an inattentive (or defensive) brain might as well amount to nothing.

Second, ease her into sex. Before you know it, both of you will be sweating it out in the kitchen. It just happened. Unfortunately, many guys make this too difficult. Instead of creating that “in the moment phenomenon,” they get pushy, rude and crass. They pressure, which only emboldens her defenses.

They might eventually be forceful and strong enough to get what they want – but the next time around, it’ll be doubly hard. They’ll be fighting unnecessary battles just for the lay – not to mention, accommodation sex won’t be as satisfying.

What’s a woman to do? Over time, she’ll cut the sex short by faking an orgasm. Then later, she’ll block the sex altogether with every excuse.

So set the lady at ease, and ease her into knockin’ boots with you. Make it an easy and obvious decision, then give her a great time so she’ll want to do you over and over. This is the simplest prescription for your recurring sexual droughts.

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