Should You Have Sex During “That Time” Of The Month?


Having sex on your period is a toss up for most couples. Unless you are a vampire, blood in the bedroom can be an icky situation.  As women, we are taught to hide our periods, that they are embarrassing, messy and a pain.  Many women feel that having sex while on their period is gross or worse, they are afraid their man will find it gross.

What She Said

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As much as guys love the movie Glory, they do not wish to turn the bedroom into a war zone.  But many women find that when they are on their period, they are also hornier, and orgasms can help with cramps during their time of the month.  To bone or not to bone while bleeding is something that both partners need to agree upon.

If a woman feels like the period makes her gross, then there is no way she is going to feel sexy.  And if her man finds it a bit off putting then again, the woman will not feel in the mood.  If it is a red light for a couple, there are tons of other things to do!  Massages and blowjobs are top on my list. Now if the couple is OK with it then having sex can be super fun!  Some sex positions are limited due to gravity, but I recommend laying down a towel to catch any mess or better yet, hit the shower!

What He Said

The No Fly Zone

I am proud to have coined a new, sexy, and appropriate term for this time of the month, and I’m sharing it with you now: “No Fly Zone.” It makes it seem like some sexy military type operation instead of, well, you know. 
Can you do it during the no fly zone?  If you’re married and you know that she’s not sleeping with anyone else, then sure, I guess it’s safe.

But my own personal sex tip here is that you should avoid having sex while she’s in the “No Fly Zone.” I’m pretty sure if you look up “high risk sexual activities” in the dictionary you’ll see a picture of having sex on your period and then the dictionary will actually smack you upside the head for being stupid enough to even consider it.

Have you not heard of blowjobs or anal sex? Those are perfectly viable and deliciously naughty sex acts that you and your partner (or whatever the hell you call them) can do while you wait out the “No Fly Zone.” The “No Fly Zone,” like all other sanctions, seems really terrible and oppressive for a few days, then it blows over and then everyone pretends like it didn’t happen in the first place.

The “No Fly Zone” has been a thorne in the side of people (metaphorically speaking) since the beginning of time. Millions have tried to work their way around it, and basically you aren’t going to discover anything that others haven’t been able to. Remember that there are other alternatives such as anal and oral sex for him.

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