Men, How Helping Around the House Can Get You Laid!


This article is about the aphrodisiac of a man offering, perhaps even insisting, that he help out around the house; meaning, there can be an incredible pay off for helping with household chores, if you play your cards right!

In dual career relationships, the household chores still predominantly fall to the woman to accomplish.  This reality may be the result of some latent chauvinism.

Latent Chauvinism

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However, it is likely because most men do not seem to care if the house is straightened up, dishes done, or even if laundry has been taken care of at the end of a day.  Some men will make a shirt and suit last another day and buy a fresh pair of socks and underwear rather than stay on top of the laundry at home.

Women, on the other hand, with their nesting instincts and natural bent for seeing the big picture tend to organize what they consider the necessities of life, including straightening up the home, doing the dishes, and staying on top of the laundry.

If work is brought home or children are involved on top of what it takes to keep a home running smoothly, your woman can spend all her free time at home organizing and carrying through with her plans to get it all done including the things you don’t find important.

Even if this imbalance is just the result of a difference in personalities and not the result of chauvinism, it can still produce bitterness and resentment in her that gets in the way of good loving.  There is a way to create balance and seduction at the same time.

Creating Balance

Create an opportunity to have a conversation with her where you volunteer to help.  Where you intend to help around the house needs to be something you are actually interested in doing, so go into this prepared.  You may be willing to be given a chore list.  However, if there are things you just do not want to become responsible for, think about which responsibilities appeal to you.

A good place to begin the conversation is to tell her you appreciate how much she does to keep the house running smoothly.  Tell her that if it were up to you, you would not notice all the things she does that make your house a home.

If this is true for you, share with her that you also like it when you find she has time to relax, put her feet up, or soak in the tub; how that kind of feminine expression makes her attractive to you.  Then tell her you want to help around the house.

Her Reaction May Vary

Depending on her personality, she may laugh and give you a hard time or she may drop her jaw in astonishment and gratitude.  You know her.  Go into this prepared.  Don’t expect her to fall all over you panting like a grateful puppy if that isn’t who she is!

If she hasn’t been able to express her need for help for a number of years, she may not realize how much resentment she has let build up in that time.  Your offer may throw her for a loop, creating a less than best response from her.

Hang in there; she will eventually get on board with your offer.  Maybe even tease you about what’s in this for you!

It may seem like a mundane thing to daydream about, but dream out loud about how this is going to work.  If you pitch in and help her, she will want to be able to count on you.  Think aloud and talk about things like, if you take over doing the dishes, you won’t do them exactly the same way she does.

Begin negotiating how big a deal that might be on the front end.  It will help relieve tension and increase the likelihood for success in the end.

If there are chores that were once yours but she took them over because it was easier than counting on you to follow through, talk about that.

Does she need to let you take those chores back and do them when and how you do it or do you need to be regular in your follow through with those chores?  Which chores does she really need done her way and which ones can she truly release to you?

Do not make getting more sex as a reward a part of your negotiations!  That will not feel good to her!  It will make her feel manipulated.

Following Through

Instead, follow through with whatever the two of you decide.  Set it up so that you are both willing to negotiate new plans if the first one you come up with doesn’t work as smoothly as you want.  Give it time to make a difference.

Then, make sure other kinds of tasks do not take the place of the chores she used to do!  Invite her to play, seduce her, and slowly but surely let her know that your life as a couple means a lot to you.  Tell her that nurturing who you are as a couple matters.

For her that probably includes conversation and doing things together like the chores.  For you that includes sex and doing things together that are more like play.  Communicate these things!

Sharing household chores may seem like a funky way to go about foreplay.  However, foreplay is essentially about drawing her out of her mind, where her worries and “to do” lists predominate, into her body where she can open and be receptive to you!  When you proactively help with chores, a whole bunch of worries and lists get erased, making your lover more accessible for play, intimacy, and making love!

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