How To Avoid The Biggest Mistake Almost All Men Make In Bed


You can read hundreds of sex tips a day and still make this blunder – almost all guys do. No matter how great a guy may think he is in the sack, he’s probably still making this incredibly simple to avoid but still common mistake. Are you guilty? Here’s what every guy should avoid in bed if he wants to have amazing sex and why.


Almost All Men Trying To Be Good In Bed Make This Simple Mistake

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There is one simple slipup that almost all men make in the sack, and they don’t even really know what it is or why they do it! Most guys are completely oblivious to this blunder, because very few technique books talk about it. Even guys that are seasoned in the sex department will get caught doing this, and they’ll do it over and over again because they’re just not seeing it as a problem – because it doesn’t easily point itself out. Both men that are new to having sex and those who consider themselves Casanovas in the sack can be guilty of doing this, without realizing that they’re actually sabotaging themselves:

Problem: Trying Too Hard To Put On A Good “Performance” And Forgetting To Enjoy It

The problem that a lot of guys have when they get down and dirty with a woman is focusing too hard on putting on a good performance. Many men start looking to advice books and websites that give them pointers on how to pleasure a girl, but sometimes this can actually do more harm than good. Guys can become so focused on technique – like exactly how to perform oral sex or what sex positions are the best for g-spot penetration – that they forget to actually enjoy the simple act of having sex!

Why Is This Bad?

When you struggle to put on a good show when you’re in bed with your partner, you’re forgetting to enjoy it and you’re also forgetting to make sure that your partner enjoys it too. Being too focused on technique can cause you to become more withdrawn from the emotional aspect of having sex, which is pretty much the exact opposite of what women want their guy to do. Almost all women want to become more emotionally involved in sex, rather than less.

Remember when you and your current flame first started having sex, weay back at the beginning of your relationship? Remember how great it was? This was because you were less focused on the “how to” aspect of doing it and completely absorbed in the experience of having it with someone new.

How To Fix It

There’s an easy way to fix this problem and make you and your partner feel more connected to each other during sex. Commit to using no “techniques” for a month straight, and focus only on enjoying the experience of having sex. This is much like first time sex, when you nor your partner really know what you’re doing and you’re just going with the flow. You can re-create that by going with the flow now, and forgoing trying to perform certain techniques or use certain sex positions.

Instead, just do what feels good and encourage your partner to do the same. After you’ve spent a month just enjoying the experience of having sex with your lover, then you can bring back in the techniques and use them to make it better. You’ll be more apt to know which technique to use at what time, because you’ll be more in tune and connected with your lover. Even the best sex tips just won’t work until you’ve built that foundation of learning to have sex and enjoy the experience with your partner without all the fancy stuff.

Use This Anytime You Need To Spice Up Your Sex Life

If making love with your partner starts to get boring again, repeat the above steps to bring the fire back into your sex life. Going a month without using any kind of special sex tips isn’t something that will just benefit your sexual relationship with your partner once, it can be used again and again to add a “fresh” feeling to it when it gets boring or mundane over time.

You can also try taking a break from sex all together for a few weeks or even a month. That saying that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” also works with your groins too! Watch how just taking a break from using special techniques or from it all together will make your sex life explode!

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