How To Enhance Your Sex Life


After a few years of being in a sexual relationship, sex may feel like a normal, everyday occurrence that you can take for granted. No one will admit that their sex life sucks, but the fact is that sex becomes boring if you don’t continue to find ways to spice things up. Choosing to enhance your sex life is great for improving your relationship in general.

Here are some erotic ways to make sure you and your partner can make sex feel more exciting and fun.

Sex Tools

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Even if you haven’t seen or touched a vibrator before, you should know about these things that women use to masturbate. These sex toys aren’t just for solo pleasure. In fact, they can be used to enhance your love making if you know how to use your imagination. Not ready to join a swing club? No worries. You can use your girl’s vibrator to simulate a threesome.

Sex tools also include oil rubs that add heat to an otherwise ordinary erotic massage. There are some vibrators that don’t need manual manipulation (like a sybian). You can purchase sex ticklers, spiked massagers and tongue dildos that can make a difference as far as your girl’s pleasure is concerned.

Sex Fantasies

These sex fantasies can be a great way to add variety. Pretending to be someone else while having sex isn’t taboo if you keep your mind open and if your relationship is solid to begin with. You may want to stay away from sexual fantasies if your partner is the insecure type who can’t bear the thought of pretending to be something she’s not during love making.

However, even if your girl isn’t as outgoing or uninhibited as you would like her to be, there are certain things you can do to pull off a sexual fantasy. You can ask her to dress differently, wear costumes or talk dirty to you during sex. The important thing is that you find out what floats her boat so you can come up with a good roleplaying “script” for your next kinky adventure.

Experiment With Sex Positions

Look for new sex positions that allow you to experiment with your lips and hands. There are certain positions that allow deeper penetration, and there are those that allow you to touch a woman everywhere during penetration. There are even some sex positions that allow you to share an intimate kiss and look into each other’s eyes while you’re having sex. Who said being romantic during sex isn’t possible? It’s all in the position.

Even if you’re not the adventurous type, discovering new sex positions with your partner should come easy. You can try lifting your partner’s hips during Missionary, or you can hold her ankles up during doggy style sex. Not all sex positions have to be planned, some can be executed beautifully during sex, as long as you’re willing to experiment.

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