How To Find Your Girl’s Secret Erogenous Zones


Sex usually involves the same areas of the body each time – the genitals, the breasts, the butt, etc. But did you know about THESE incredible erogenous zones?

The Best For Breasts

Are you a boob guy? Oh right, who isn’t? Well, there’s a sweet melange of methods you can use to arouse this sensitive (and enticing) area of her body. They come in an endless array of sizes and shapes, and just as they are varied in form, they’re also varied in stimulation.

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Some women like their breasts to be caressed, squeezed (gently), tweaked, held, kissed, and sucked. However, being too aggressive (and at the wrong time of the month) can cause her a lot of pain, so be sure that you proceed with some caution.

Surprising Female “Hot Spots”

The great thing about women is that they aren’t cookie-cutter sexual beings – different women have different areas that enjoy titillation. While most females will concur that the aforementioned erogenous zones are universally appealing, women love to compare notes on what makes them tick versus their friends. “I love when a guy puts his hands in my hair and massages my scalp,” one friend told me. Another said, “When he kisses or sucks the inside of my wrists, I turn into putty.” The list of possibilities is endless.

Body Mapping

While discovering every facet of her figure is a lot of fun, the practice of truly learning about her entire body is very important. There’s a term that the infamous Dr. Ruth coined and it’s “body mapping.”

There are a few rules to body mapping, and number one is, avoid the genitals. You already know just how sensitive they can be, and genital touching will cause you to rush because the desire to have an orgasm could become too strong to resist. But other than the genitals, leave no area untouched, no zone unexplored. You might have been skipping that lone spot even your partner didn’t already know about.

And don’t limit yourself to just touching. Licks and kisses can create different sensations. The idea is to spend your time exploring.

Using Your Fingers

With all the toys out there, who knew your own little fingers could be such a powerful sex tool? Give yourself some credit – women don’t only like little buzzing dolphins down there. They like it when you’re down there too (as long as you’re doing the job), and they like it even more if you can turn her on.

You just need to go in (no pun intended) with confidence, creativity, and most of all, clean hands (quick side note: if you want your wife to be receptive to you fiddling around down there with your fingers, please make sure you have clean hands and fingernails, with no rough hangnails, calluses, and even rings).

Want to add to your repertoire of fingering techniques? When you’ve been with someone for an extended amount of time, you can grow “accustomed” to your partner’s touch. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a bevy of places to explore as well as exciting new ways to use those fingers.

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