How To Get More Sex In Your Relationship


It’s common in a long term relationship or a marriage for sex to be on the bottom of your to-do list. It may escape you how it became a “to-do” at all, but most everybody at some point in their lives find that sex comes after chores, taking care of the kids and work. Most everybody wishes it were different though! Most people want to have more sex, better sex and hotter sex! Here’s how.

Not having as much sex as you once did? Has your sex life become a total bore? Here are some great ways to spice up your sex life and make it more interesting so that you both actually want to have sex more often!


Variety Is Key

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If you want more sex in your relationship, variety is key. It’s important to have variety in the bedroom to avoid getting into a sex rut. It’s easy to fall into a sex rut – some people have sex at the same time, in the same position and do the same things each and every time they have sex. While a sexual routine can be comfortable, you tend to put off “comfortable sex” for other things. It’s important to have variety to keep sex from becoming boring or “blah.” If the sex in your relationship is never or rarely the same, you’re going to be less apt to put it off and more apt to put it first.

Long Term Relationships Have More Sexual Benefits

Believe it or not, the myth that sex is better if you have sex with lots of different people is just that – a myth. You can actually experience the best sex of your life in a long term relationship. Why is that? When you’re more comfortable with someone, it’s easier to share your fantasies with them and try new and different things. Yes, getting comfortable with someone can easily lead to “comfortable” sex, but if you put a little effort into it, being comfortable with someone can equally end up in kinkier, hotter and better sex than you’ve ever had in your life.

How To Spice Up Your Sex

Roleplaying is a great way to add something different to your sex “routine.” You can experiment with different types of roleplaying, such as switching dominant and submissive roles, or you can act out fantasies such as the “teacher” and “student” or “maid.” Costumes are fun too and can make roleplaying seem more real. Another way to spice up your sex life is to give your partner different types of orgasms. Touch different areas on your partner, such as her clitoris, her g-spot, his penis, his scrotum, and his perineum. Don’t forget nipples, lips and neck too!

You can also try new positions with your partner. Different positions will feel different sexually and stimulate different areas as well. Another great way to spice up your sex life is to check into a hotel for a night or a weekend! It’s a perfect way to get out of the house and away from your responsibilities for something fun and different.

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