How To Get Your Man In The Mood – TONIGHT!


These sex tips to turn the heat up with your lover are almost GUARANTEED to work! Even though men are usually up for having sex, sometimes you need to put in a little effort to get your partner to start thinking about slipping in between the sheets with you. Apart from telling him up front that you want to get it on, try these super steamy sex tips tonight and have him begging for more!

Cook With Cloves

Cloves have long been known to be an aphrodisiac for both men and women, but they get a lot less press than other aphrodisiacs such as oysters or ginseng and ginkgo biloba. One woman who ate a clove soup with her man ended up having sex with her man all night – and it happened again the next time she made the soup! Cooking with cloves can definitely revv up your lover’s libido and have him craving sex – and it will work for you too! Next time you make dinner, find a recipe that has cloves in it, such as a ham baked with cloves or a clove flavored Bundt cake.

Be A “Damsel In Distress”

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Men love to rescue women – it’s hard wired into their DNA to do it. Does this mean you have to completely give up your female independence to make him feel like the Alpha male though? Of course not. However, playing a “damsel in distress” every now in then will be all you need to get your partner wanting to lift your skirt up and bend you over.

Next time you want to get it on with your lover, have him come over and fix something for you or lift something really, really heavy that you just can’t manage to lift by yourself. Whatever you ask him to do, make sure it’s something really manly that you couldn’t possibly do on your own. Bonus points if he comes over to do his job and you’re wearing skimpy lingerie. He’ll definitely get the idea then!

Play A Little Hard To Get

Men also love the chase – it’s part of the reason they really don’t like clingy women. Men want to be with a woman who is confident enough not to NEED him too much or smother him with affection. Use this tactic to your advantage by playing a little hard to get. Flirting is probably the best way to do this. Flirt with your partner unabashedly – tease him, banter with him and let him get a glimpse of your ass in a tight pair of jeans as you walk away. It won’t be long before he’s tearing your jeans off and initiating a night full of passion.

Dress Up

You don’t necessarily have to dress up to get your partner to start thinking about sex, but take some time to make sure you look good. Often, women get comfortable in relationships and don’t do their makeup as often or worry about what their wearing. Usually, this isn’t a problem because men love to see their women in a pair of pajama pants that make your butt look good.

However, sometimes women get too comfortable and a guy’s “sex mechanism” doesn’t get turned on or want to have sex as much – because you’re not looking sexy, you’re not feeling sexy. And he can pick up on that. So go get a pedicure, a manicure, a wax job and buy a new bra and panty set. Do your hair and makeup, even if you’re just hanging out around the house. If you’re confident and looking hot, he’ll want to jump your bones ASAP.

Make Out

Another thing that couples forget about when they’ve been in a relationship for awhile is how much fun just kissing can be! Remember when you first got together with your current partner and you spent hours just kissing without worrying about when you were going to have sex or even what you were going to do next? There’s really something about making out with your partner – without thinking about sex – that makes sex even hotter when you finally do head to the bedroom!

Next time you and your lover are hanging out on the couch and watching a movie, lean over and start kissing his neck softly. Move up to his lips and kiss him deeply. If he starts to move his hands to start taking off your clothes, stop him. Use your lips to show him that you just want to kiss – for now. After you’ve teased him enough with your lips, then you can let him take it further.

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