How To Give A Terrific Breast Massage


The eternal fascination for most men, and indeed many women, the breasts, can be an incredibly neglected and forgotten area in the realm of Tantric pleasure and touch.

Think about it. If you’re  a man reading this, how much time do you lavish on her breasts?

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The ‘Tunnel Vision’ approach assumes that a woman’s breasts are always ripe and ready for a bit of manual molding. Nothing could be further from the truth. The breasts and its many parts are very sensitive, and only a lover with a slow hand can truly appreciate them in full majestic glory.

Structurally they are made up of fibrous connective tissue and a layer of fat tissue. They are rich in blood and lymph vessels, hence the importance of massage in maintaining good circulatory flow of blood, lymph (tissue fluid) and sexual energy.

Perhaps more importantly the breasts are symbolic of a woman’s emotional center,  healing and nurturing. By neglecting these lovelies, you fail to acknowledge an incredibly important part of the feminine mystique.

The Kama Sutra On Foreplay And Breast Plat

The Kama Sutra refers to the importance of foreplay and breast play:

“Ardent young men, do not neglect the preliminaries! Endeavor to satisfy your mistress. Listen to her desires. Some men, carried away by the power of their desire, forget the prelude, only to be surprised when they are pushed away later! Yet it is such a delight to kiss, to caress, to nibble one another…

To explore with your hand or your mouth her body, her breasts, her neck, her belly, down to her innermost curves. Fulfilled, the beloved shall return these kisses and caresses wholeheartedly. No part of the beloved’s body should be neglected. Her lover shall make it his duty to discover them, to reveal to his mistress all the pleasure she can receive from them.”

Tantric breast massage is an incredible gift with which to lavish unbridled attention on your lover.  Pleasure, better circulation, toning, and nurturing are all aspects of the massage.

The Kama Sutra mentions key areas on the female body sensitive to kissing:

  • neck
  • forehead
  • cheeks
  • eyes
  • breasts
  • lips
  • palate inside the mouth (not sure how this works!)

Prepare Your Sensual Environment

Prepare your sensual environment with soothing music, dimmed lighting, perfumed candles and make sure the room is warm and visually inviting. Introduce items of spiritual or personal significance such as flowers, favorite nibbles, a photo – whatever works for you and your lover.

Begin by covering your lover with a sheet or towel so that she does not get cold. Rest one hand on her heart and the other on her yoni and visualize warm heart energy moving from your heart into your hands and down towards your lover’s heart and yoni. This is a very relaxing, healing, connecting and balancing visualization to use before launching into the breast massage.

Beginning the Breast Massage

Pour the warmed oils into your hands. Rub your hands together so as to spread the oil, and now place your hands on each of the  breasts. Always massage slowly and gently up towards the heart, your right hand moving in a clockwise direction, and your left hand moving in a counter clockwise direction.

Massage from the outer edge of the breast inwards, but avoid the nipples until after at least 15 – 20minutes of breast stimulation. Don’t forget the skin above the breast (check area under the collar bone, as well as the skin under the breasts – two very sensitive areas).

Focus Your Attention One Breast At A Time

Now focus your attention on one breast at a time.

Place on hand lightly on the upper half of the breast, applying gentle pressure with the other hand again moving the hand in circular sweeps from the outer breasts in toward the nipples. Continue for a further 20minutes or more.

End the breast massage as you began, placing one hand on her heart and the other on her yoni. Visualize healing heart energy entering your lover and breathe slowly and deeply together for a few minutes. Allow her to rest.

If you’re not in a relationship, or just welcome the opportunity to nurture yourself and body, why not take the time to give yourself a great tantric and sensual breast massage. Once again, don’t be tempted to cut corners, take the time to create a sensual and erotic environment, dress to kill, get out your favorite relaxing music, perfumed candles, lie back and enjoy!

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