How To Give a Woman The Best Sex EVER!


Sex tips aren’t something you want to just brush aside – they can really help you up your game! Use these sex tips to satisfy your lover like never before!

Did you know why most guys fail so miserably in the bedroom? And why so many women end up walking out on their boyfriends and husbands when sex becomes so unfulfilling for them?

The Paradox Of Man’s Greatest Strength

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Most men are focused on results. We are by nature very action-oriented. Results are what we care about; the end goal, so to speak. We set targets in the boardroom and get things done. Sadly the same mentality carries over to the bedroom:

  1. undressing yourself and her
  2. begin intercourse
  3. reach an orgasm (you, NOT her)
  4. end of sex

So where does this perpetual male strategy leave a woman? Empty, unfulfilled, disappointed. You see, for women, sex is not so much about the end goal per se. They really care more about the journey; how you arrive at the end goal. Women love to savor the sexual experience moment-by-moment, from foreplay all the way to intercourse.

Start Living For The Moment, Guys!

Goals are meant for the boardroom, so leave it at that! When it comes to great sex, take it SLOW. Don’t use sex as a means to an end. Instead be a man who plans for the future BUT also live for the moment. Be a man who starts a night of lovemaking without considering his own orgasm, but focus on securing a body-shaking climax for his lady. This is the type of men women would gladly die for.

Now achieving that kind of body-shaking, wild-screaming orgasms that most women crave for, will depend on how you build up the sexual tension. Savor each stage of lovemaking as if each phase can bring her to an orgasm (indeed it can!). Raw, passionate kissing that sets free a woman’s sexual inhibitions can bring her right to the edge of a climax. And so can the great prelude to intercourse – foreplay. Even a good dose of oral sex can give her mind-boggling orgasms that leave her breathless.

The key is to live for the moment and don’t let your focus waver away from her. Believe me, when you are able to do this, you will enjoy sex for its full glory and splendor, just like how a woman enjoys it. And when you finally reach your own orgasm, it will be more mind-blowing than anything else you have experienced before!

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