How To Give Your Sex Life A Makeover Without Shattering Your Man’s Ego


Sex isn’t something every guy is a natural at. In fact, a lot of guys are very awkward when it comes to pleasing a woman and some guys aren’t able to give their partners an orgasm at all, period. If your man sucks in the sack, you definitely want to give him a few sex tips to point him in the right direction – but how on earth do you do it without damaging your guy’s fragile ego? Here’s how to gently give your guy sex tips, while still making him think he’s the best.

Vocalize Your Pleasure

Even if he doesn’t get it right most of the time, there’s bound to be a few times that he hits the spot exactly the way you want it – and when he does, it’s important that you vocalize your pleasure and make a very big deal about it. You don’t necessarily have to make it into dirty talk – you can simply moan very loudly, gasp for air or yell “Yes!” – or all of the above. The point is, you want to make sure that he KNOWS that he’s done something right. Because once he figures out that he’s on the right track, he’s going to keep doing whatever it is that makes you scream and writhe with pleasure. So vocalizing what feels great to you is beneficial for you both.

Do To Him What You Want Him To Do To You

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Sometimes, the best way to give your lover sex tips is to actually show him what you like – on him. If you want him to give you oral sex, try giving him a really great blowjob first. If you want him to touch you with his hands or finger you, show him what you want by giving him a handjob first! The idea here is to show him what you like by doing it to him first. He’ll probably pick up on it right away, but he may not. Keep giving him what you want and he’ll eventually get the idea. If he doesn’t, you can always wait until after you’ve given him a really amazing oral sex session and say, “I would love for you to try that on me.”

Guide His Hands – Or Mouth

If he’s going down on you and just isn’t hitting the right spot, don’t be afraid to gently guide him in the right direction. If he’s licking in the wrong place, gently use your hands to guide his head and mouth to just the right spot. Honestly, he’ll appreciate the pointers much more than he would appreciate his efforts being wasted because he wasn’t sure what you wanted – and you wouldn’t tell him.

If he’s using his hands, gently slide your hand down to your clitoris and show him with your hand how you want to be touched. This won’t upset him if you’re not cocky or condescending about it. You can also move his hand the way you want him to touch you – and after you let go, he’ll continue doing the same movements you showed him.

Leave A Magazine Or Internet Article Out For Him To See

If you find a particular juicy article with sex tips you think your man can use, leave it out inconspicuously for him to find. If it’s a print publication, leave the magazine in the bathroom, open to the page you want him to read. Leave it out as though you were simply reading it yourself and just forgot to put the magazine up. Next time he’s sitting in the bathroom, he’ll probably notice it – and read it. If it’s an Internet article, just leave your browser pulled up like you had forgotten to close it down. You can also minimize the browser and when he pulls up the Internet, the article will pop up “accidentally.” This is especially effective if you and your partner share a computer.

Tell Him – Nicely

If all else fails, you need to talk with your guy about how to make your sex life better – because if he’s getting off, you deserve to have an orgasm too (and an amazing one at that!) There’s absolutely no shame in talking to your guy about how to make sex better, but the way you bring it up is extremely important. If you start the conversation off saying “You need to do this,” or “You do this wrong,” it’s going to make him want to immediately stop listening to you. Don’t criticize your guy – because he’s probably trying very hard to please you sexually. Instead, tell him things you’d love to try, or say, “I love it when you do this, but I think this would be even better.”

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