How To Have A Hot Sex Marathon


Having a hot sex marathon with your partner is a great way to figure out what you both like, as well as seeing just how long you can really last or how many orgasms you can have! There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re having a lot of really, really hot sex – like eating foods that will give you energy and keeping enough lube on hand so things don’t get dried out. Follow these suggestions for a super fun, hot sex marathon that will last for hours – or more!

Eat Healthy, Vitamin Packed Foods

Having a lot of hot sex means you have to have enough energy to keep it going – something that doesn’t always happen on its own. Prepare yourself beforehand by eating healthy, vitamin packed foods that are designed to give your body the energy and nutrients it needs for physical activity such as trying different, physically demanding sex positions. Don’t overeat, but try a spinach salad for lunch and lean protein such as chicken or fish for dinner if you’re going to be having sex all night. You can also grab a low fat energy bar for a quick burst of fuel before you get started. Make sure to drink lots of water, because it’s bound to get sweaty and it’s easy to get dehydrated. Definitely keep a cold bottle of fresh water by the bedside!

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Ladies, of course, can have multiple orgasms during a hot sex marathon, but many men aren’t capable of the same. While it is possible to orgasm, rest and go again, it’s more taxing and physically tiring than if you had just held out on having an orgasm in the first place. Try using different sex positions if you’re getting to close to orgasm in the position that you’re in, or try giving your partner oral sex and letting yourself rest for a little while. To avoid having an orgasm too soon during super hot sex, don’t allow yourself to get too close to the brink before stopping. If you do, you may end up climaxing anyways and it probably won’t be as good.

Use Lots And Lots Of Lube

It’s unlikely your partner is going to be able to manufacture enough natural body fluids to keep things going smoothly during the entire hot sex marathon. To keep her from getting dried out after hours of intercourse, make sure you have a good, water based lube on hand. Don’t be afraid to be generous when applying lube to yourself or your partner – you can always get more and nothing feels worse than dry sex (for a woman at least!) Using lube doesn’t have to be a mood killer either. Many lubes come with a handy pump handle for easier use. If you’re having a lot of anal sex, try using a thicker, silicone based lube that lasts longer. Also, flavored lubes taste and smell better than regular lubes and might be a good choice for you if you plan to go back and forth between oral sex and intercourse.

Experiment A Little

Having a hot sex marathon doesn’t mean that you have to have intercourse the entire time. Try experimenting a little with a sex fetish or two, whether it be something as simple as fuzzy handcuffs and licking chocolate sauce off each other or something more hardcore, such as spanking or BDSM. Do something fun and different together while you’re taking a break from intercourse or oral sex – choose something that will keep the mood sexy and sensual but allow you and your partner some time to rest. This is a great time for a giving a sensual massage, watching a porn flick or playing dress up with some fun and sexy costumes. Just use your imagination!

Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol can be a great way to ease your hot sex jitters (it’s perfectly normal to feel a little nervous before you have marathon sex) but drinking too much can actually put a damper on your night. First of all, too much alcohol can turn your “eased tension” into sleepiness, and if you are really drinking, it can make you pass out. Excessive alcohol consumption can also cause short term erectile dysfunction, where the alcohol has affected the body so much that a man cannot get or maintain an erection very well. If you plan on drinking before having wild, hot sex, keep it to a glass or two of wine or beer and skip the hard liquor.

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