How To Have Amazing Sex – Tonight!


The best sex advice is that sex doesn’t have to be boring – but it’s easy to get in a rut, especially when you’ve been in a relationship with someone for quite some time. But it doesn’t have to be blase – in fact, it can be completely and utterly amazing by doing just a few simple things to change up your routine a little. Check out these suggestions and start getting busy – right now!

Stop Waiting For The Right Time

Couples who have been together for awhile are no stranger to the quickie. However, when one or both partners start becoming disenchanted with sex, they may start waiting for the “perfect” time to have sex – you know, the moment when everything just clicks, you and your partner are both horny as hell and you’re both super into it.

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While the “right time” may have happened more during the beginning of your relationship, it’s natural for this to taper off as day to day life gets in the way. Who’s going to be horny and want it at 9:00 at night after working all day, cooking dinner and doing homework and baths for the kids?

Instead of waiting for the “right time” to do it with your partner, just do it. Commit to sex one night, even if you’re both tired or you’d both rather be watching a movie or sleeping. You may even need to schedule it like you would schedule a date. By doing this, you’re actually giving yourself the opportunity for sex that is great because chances are, you and your partner will both get into it after things get started. If you just wait for it to happen the right way, you’ll never get busy.

Set Up A Date For Sex – During “That” Time Of The Month

Actually, not the time of the month you’re probably thinking about. Studies show that women are most receptive to sex during their ovulation time – about fourteen days after the first day of a woman’s period. During this time, women feel super sexy and confident, and may start masturbating more or making advances on their partner. In fact, studies also show that women double their chances of having an orgasm when they’re ovulating as well.

Set up a date for sex during your ovulation period. Plan for a babysitter, buy some candles and head out for a romantic dinner. Do whatever you need to do to make that night special. Planning for time in between the sheets with your partner when you’re at your sexual peak means that you’re pretty much guaranteed an incredible night with sex that is out of this world.

Just remember that you’re also more fertile during your ovulation period – so use condoms or birth control if you’re not planning to get pregnant.

Get Emotionally Close To Your Partner

One reason that couples who are in a relationship stop having great sex together because they’re arguing often, or they feel like they’re just not that emotionally close with their lover anymore. If a woman doesn’t feel emotionally and spiritually connected to her partner, she’s not going to be able to let go of her inhibitions and enjoy sex.

Plan a date where you and your partner can get away from it all and just reconnect. This doesn’t mean going to the movies or sitting in a loud, crowded bar. Plan a date that allows you and your lover to really talk – like going hiking together or having a picnic in the park. Heck, you can even have a picnic in your backyard. Ask each other the basic questions all over again (like what your favorite food or color is) because you’d be surprised at how even couples who have been together for years can forget the basic stuff that makes their lover who they are.

Get Kinky

Having plain, vanilla sex? Exchange it for trying a few new moves in the bedroom. Add a little kink by trying out some light bondage or blindfolding, or simply try a couple new sex positions next time you get busy. When couples start to know exactly what to expect during sex (because it’s been the same thing the last twenty times), it can get pretty boring.

Instead, try new things that are just a little outside of your box. You don’t have to get super crazy and try things that make you uncomfortable, but changing your routine up just a little bit can make all the difference in the world when it comes to having better sex. Tonight, try doing something just a little different like doing it on the couch or fingering her g-spot while you go down on her.

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