How To Have Wild Sex And Give In To Your Primal Urges


Humans are mammals and sex is in our nature – it’s a primal need that we all have to satisfy. We all crave orgasms and sexual intimacy with a partner, and most of us crave that “have to have it now” sex too. Even though sex is a normal, natural part of being a human being, some men and women have trouble letting go and fully giving into their primal, animalistic nature. Instead of having nice, warm and fuzzy vanilla sex tonight, try these techniques for hotter, wilder sex and let the animal in you come out!

Do It Against The Wall

Although sex against the wall is a somewhat difficult sex position to achieve, it can be one of the most titillating and amazing sex positions to use for a quickie, or longer sex if you and your man have the stamina and physical prowess to pull it off. The “I need you right now and I don’t care where we do it” essence behind doing it up against the wall is what makes this position so great. You can make it easier by standing on a footstool so your vagina is slightly higher than your man’s penis and he doesn’t have to lift you up and hold you there for a long period of time. By nature, this sex position is a little rougher, so make sure you have some good water or silicone based lube on hand or somewhere close by so you can use it even if you’re having sex at just a moment’s notice. This position really won’t be successful without good lube! Stay true to the natural “animalistic” order of things by letting your man take you up against the wall, but you can also show him your sexual prowess by initiating this sex position also.

The Doggy Style Sex Position

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The doggy style sex position is probably the most basic and primal of all sex positions. Almost every animal uses the doggy style position, where the woman raises her backside up against her partner’s penis, completely submitting to him and allowing him complete control over his thrusting and his orgasm. The doggy style sex position can really help you let your inner animal out by allowing you to completely let go and submit to the “dominant male.” Of course, the doggy style sex position isn’t all about him. You can reach down and fondle your clitoris while he thrusts his penis into you from behind, and the angle of his penis is just about perfect for deep penetration and g-spot stimulation.

Have Sex Now… Right Now

Animals rarely give attention to the time of day or what else is going on when they have a need for sex. The desire for procreation simply overtakes them and it’s their job to have sex as soon as possible. Adopting this attitude in your own sex life can help turn up the heat if you feel like things have been lacking in your sex life recently. When your partner comes home from work, don’t worry about what has to be done like cooking dinner, doing laundry, etc. Instead, take them by the hand, lead them into the bedroom and let them know that you want sex now and aren’t interested in anything else right at that moment. Bonus points for initiating sex wherever you are at that moment, because sex in other places such as the couch or kitchen table adds to the “need it right now” feeling.

Get A Little Rough

Take the initiative to go a little harder or get a little rougher during sex. You don’t have to get too rough or go all out into BDSM (unless that’s your thing), but you can definitely spice things up by getting a little rougher and more confident with your sex techniques. Light spanking and biting are great ways to let your inner sexual animal out if your partner approves, and you can up the ante by having your partner spank or bite you. Remember that if you decide to really get rough to have a safe word that you or your partner can use if things go too far. When giving your partner a blowjob, grip his penis firmly at the base while you go down on him and don’t be afraid to get a little sloppy. If you switch to him giving you oral sex, don’t be afraid to grind your hips or press your genitals to his mouth to show that you’re really into it.

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