How To Keep Sex With A Co-Worker A Secret


Sex with someone you work with can be a lot of fun, but you definitely want to keep it under wraps. Whether you’re just having a casual fling with someone from another department or are actually involved in a more serious relationship with them, it may not be the best idea to have the details of your sex escapades made known to your entire workplace. Here’s how to make sure your sex life doesn’t get outed.


Is Sex With Someone You Work With A Good Idea?

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Again, this is something you need to think about before you get into it, whether you’re looking at casual sex or a steady relationship. Although this kind of sex can be super hot, it’s also best to examine the situation beforehand and think with your head – not your penis.

What kind of rules does your workplace have about relationships between the employees? Is it simply something the company frowns upon or are there serious repercussions if you ever got found out? If the latter is the case, sex with someone you are employed with really may not be the best option for you. Some other things you want to think about are whether the person is married or not (that will really complicate things) and if you could withstand losing your job if you got busted. Really think it through first!

Keeping It On The Downlow

If you do decide to go ahead and have sex with someone you work with (in or out of an actual relationship), you’ve got to make sure that the sex stays on the downlow. Here’s how to make sure your secret stays a secret:

  • Don’t let the sex affect your attitude at work. Don’t walk into work looking like you just got laid, while your fellow employee does just the same. Pretty soon, people will put the puzzle pieces together. Just go to work like you normally do and act the way you normally do.
  • Be incredibly discreet. Put their phone number in your phone under another name.
  • Don’t allow the work relationship you have with this person to change at all – people can sense this. Treat them the way you normally would at work (as though nothing were going on between the two of you personally) and make sure the romance and sex is limited to only after you punch the clock. Work hours are not the time for flirting or sexual innuendo!
  • Never refer to sex at the workplace, and never talk about what you’re going to do later, where you’re going to meet up, etc. Make sure those conversations stay under wraps.

Is There Anything Really Wrong With Sex With Someone You Work With?

All disclaimers aside, no. If two people are legally of age to have sex and consensually do so, there’s really nothing wrong with it at all. So if you do decide to take the plunge and date a co-worker, have fun with it! Don’t be sorry or feel guilty about it if you and your partner have both agreed to make things stay professional at work.

Relationships that have started between employees are not at all uncommon – in fact, it makes total sense that since you’re at work all day almost every day, that you’ll meet someone you find interesting and want to get to know better (or have sex with). If you really like this person or feel a strong sexual attraction to them, there’s no reason to be completely closed off to the idea – because with the right attitude, you can have a lot of fun and you may just meet someone you fall in love with! You just have to make sure you go about it in an adult way and cover all your bases first.

Some Important Things To Remember

  • Absolutely no affection, fondling, flirting or anything else while you are at work. This rule CANNOT be broken if you don’t want to get caught and possibly lose your job.
  • If you’re going to date around the office, make sure you don’t date everyone in the office. You don’t want to get a reputation for being that guy.
  • Be open to a long term relationship. It may start out as an office fling, but it could easily move into something more. The thing that is unique about office relationships is that you spend so much time with the person at work that you really get to know them. So take your time with it and let it go wherever it goes!

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