How To Make Car Sex More Comfortable

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Comfortably having sex in your car can be pretty difficult depending on the kind of car that you drive. Whether you drive a stick shift, SUV or a 4-door sedan, there isn’t much room for comfort. Luckily, there are a few moves that you can use to make car sex much easier and much more comfortable for the both of you.

Here are a few ideas to help make car sex more comfortable.

Get A Blanket

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There are a few reasons that you need to use a blanket for car sex. The first season is that no matter what kind of interior you have, it’s going to get uncomfortable very quickly. Cloth can cause irritation of the skin and leather is going to stick to your body once you start to sweat. By using a blanket you can combat these irritations. Try to use a blanket that is going to cover the entire backseat.

If you aren’t going to use the backseat, put the blanket down anyway. This will be much more comfortable on your body. The second reason you want to use a blanket is for ejaculate. People have to sit there and they don’t want to sit in your stuff. Sex has a way of getting out of control sometimes so you need to take the necessary precautions and put down a barrier.

Put The Seats Down If You Can

Not all cars will let you do this, but if you can, put the back seat down. SUVs are the best for this. By putting the seats down you’re going to get more room to maneuver around. One of the primary concerns with car sex is the fact that there is not much room to work with. This can inhibit the different types of sex positions you will be able to use. By putting the seats down you will be able to sprawl out and use a multitude of sex positions.

If you can’t put the seats down in the back, push the seats in the front all the way back to give you a little more room. Most cars will allow you to push the seats back fairly far so take advantage of this. Some people like to even forgo the backseat and simply use the passenger and driver’s seats. This is all dependent on the type of car that you have. Comfort is key. The last thing you want is to get really close to that special moment and then get a cramp in your leg.

Use The Hood For Car Sex

I know that we’re supposed to be talking about having sex in a car, but the hood counts, right? The hood of the car can be one of the best places to have car sex. You can stretch out and get a lot of different sex positions out of it. Doggy Style, Missionary and girl on top are just a few that you can use when you are having sex on the hood of the car. Be sure to wait a little while before you use the hood. It can get pretty hot while you’re driving and you might run the risk of burning your girlfriend’s back if you use it too fast.

You can also open the tailgate if you have an SUV. This gives you more room and you can use different sex positions. Make sure that you’re in a secluded area before you have sex on the hood of your car or with an open tailgate. Park rangers and campers have a way of sneaking up on people so cover your bases.

Utilize Oral Sex

So many people think about traditional car sex, but they fail to see the convenience of oral sex. A car is the perfect place to have oral sex because it puts both parties into a position to give and receive. Many guys love when their girlfriends give them road head. This is just as good, except you don’t have to worry about running off the road. For girls it’s just as good. Have your guy put the driver’s seat all the way back and then climb on top of him. Get him to eat you out while you lean up against the steering wheel. Just make sure that you aren’t pressed up against the horn.

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