How To Make Her Fantasize About You In 3 Easy Steps


Sex of all kinds is fun, but it takes some fantasizing to really get into truly great, awesome sex. To have the kind of sex that will make your toes curl and your knees go weak (for both you and your partner), you have to get your girl to start thinking about you sexually. Instead of fantasizing about guys that aren’t you, you need to get your girl to create a fantasy with you in it by being your woman’s ultimate dream guy. Here’s how.


Fantasy Is Crucial To Great Sex

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The physical aspect of sex certainly feels fantastic, but that’s not all there is when it comes to getting busy with your lover. Fantasies are incredibly important to sex that is out of this world, especially from a woman’s perspective. A guy can simply have intercourse and completely enjoy it for what it is, while a woman’s mind must be involved for your partner to even become sexually aroused in the first place.

By getting your lover to start having fantasies with you as the main subject, you’re getting the mind and imagination working. Stimulating your lover’s imagination is crucial to getting your partner to enjoy sex (and to really let go of inhibitions so YOU can enjoy it too) and it’s extremely difficult to get a woman turned on without getting the imagination involved first. If she’s using you to fuel sex fantasies, she’s halfway turned on before you ever hit the sheets.

Foreplay Isn’t Just Physical

Foreplay isn’t just about giving your partner oral sex or kissing them passionately. A huge part of foreplay before sex is the anticipation, the excitement and the fantasies about what is going to happen. That’s actually what makes having sex with someone new so awesome – you’re excited about it and the anticipation is sometimes better than the actual sex itself.

Step 1: Become Your Partner’s Fantasy

Start by finding out what kind of guy really trips your lover’s trigger. Does she love the idea of a police officer, who can assert his authority? Or does she like the idea of a different kind of man in uniform, such as a mechanic or a handyman? Find out whatever your girl’s fantasy is and develop a separate sexual persona that involves some kind of role play with the type of man that really gets your partner off.

Doing this will make it much easier for your girl to think of you sexually if she can see you in the role that she’s already attracted to. Essentially, you are becoming the man of your woman’s fantasies.

Step 2: Get A Great Body

A lot of people may think that focusing too much on physical appearance is shallow, but having a great body is actually incredibly important if you want your girl to think about having sex with you. The reality is, you care about how you look, she cares about how she looks and you both care about how you look to each other.

Having a great body will also make you feel much more confident about the way you look. You’ll be able to let go of your inhibitions more easily, and feel more confident when your partner looks at you in all of your naked glory. Being in great physical shape also gives you more energy and stamina to last longer in bed! Feeling great about the way you look and feeling strong and healthy on the inside will make sex that much more pleasurable and it’s simply just a better quality of life.

Step 3: Master The Skill Of Dirty Talk

Understanding how to get your partner aroused is an important part of getting her to think of you. Since a woman gets aroused with the mind first, work on mastering the skill of dirty talk. Dirty talk is like an “on” switch to the part of your woman’s brain that processes sex and even a few simple phrases such as, “I can’t wait until you get home tonight” or “You’ll never guess what I’m going to do to you as soon as I get my hands on you.”

What you’re doing here is turning the switch on and then leaving your partner to imagine what you’re going to do until you actually get to do it. You’ll also want to master the skill of emotional talk, such as telling your lover how she steals your breath when she walks into the room or how much you love the fact that she’s yours and only yours…to do with what you please. Be creative and come up with phrases that will really get your girl thinking – of YOU!

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