How To Please Your Man In Bed – 3 Things Every Woman Must Know


In the course of your relationship with a man, there will be many issues that will come up when the shutters are closed and it’s just the two of you in bed together. Ideally, this scenario should end up in passionate sex, maybe even the best you ever had. But wait… when did you start skipping foreplay and going right to the “main gist” of sex? When did you start saying, “I’m just too tired” to your husband if he so much as touches the tips of your perfectly manicured nails?

If your sex life is suffering because you don’t have sex frequently or you have lost the desire to constantly have sex, you know you need to do something about the situation. Most couples have trouble arranging their schedules so that they can make love. I mean, really make love; not the three minute quickie that happens right before you pass out because of sheer exhaustion from work.

Shower Him With Attention

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There is nothing more frustrating than realizing your partner is thinking of other things while you’re making love. It does not matter if you’re supergirl and you can multitask quite well. If you’re in bed with your special someone, think of him and only him. Better yet, devote the whole night to his needs by cooking him dinner, giving him a massage and making him feel like a king.

All the attention he will receive from you will more than make up for the times when you ignored him when he was horny for you.

Don’t Worry About Looking Messy

Do not let your attention slip when sweat’s clouding your vision and your hair’s matted with man-juice. Your man likes seeing you all messy, because he knows that he’s the only one who can enjoy the sight of a messier, more uninhibited version of the normally prim and proper girl. Instead of fixing your hair in place all the time when you’re on top of him, concentrate on your movements and your facial expression.

Let saliva flow, and don’t worry about how awful your face looks while you’re in the throes of orgasm. He thinks you’re beautiful that way.

A man seldom feels disgusted with a woman who’s going all out while in bed with him. Instead, he feels like he’s on top of the world because for once, you’re forgetting yourself and letting your passion override your instinct to look dolled up.

Give Him Head

Announce that it’s his night and you’ll continue playing with him until he climaxes. This way, he will feel less pressured to keep it in and just go with your flow. However, don’t forget to remind him that next time, it’s your turn.

When giving him head, use your hands and your mouth. The trick is to simulate the sucking action of your vagina during penetration. Move your tongue frequently to vary the sensations. Be careful not to let your teeth graze the sensitive skin down there.

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