How To Seduce A Man In 1 Night


Read this short guide to learn how to seduce a man in one night.

Seducing a man is not all that difficult if you know what you’re doing. Men are sex-hungry so getting him into bed isn’t going to be all that hard. However, if you really want the sex to be good, you need to follow a few steps. Men that are instantly given the opportunity to take you into the bedroom are more likely to give you the old wam, bam, thank you ma’am and leave. If you want to have great sex with a good emotional connection, you can do this by following these simple steps.

Decide If He’s The Right Guy To Seduce

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Seducing a man is going to have consequences. If you’re going to use this opportunity to get him into bed you need to make sure that he’s worth it. Although women are known to get clingy, the same can be said about men. The last thing that you want is some guy that you have no connection with calling you 20 times a day.

Decide if you really want a relationship with him or if you just want a little fun. If you think that you could have something special, do not try to seduce him in a single night. A relationship is much more meaningful than one night of great sex and you could be missing out on a great thing.

Start Out In A Dark Place

If you’re going to seduce a man in one night you need to start out in an intimate setting. Dark bars with cool music are great for setting the scene. Try to find a place that isn’t that crowded or loud so you can have a good conversation. Many women find that going to overly crowded clubs only delays an emotional connection.

If you’re trying to seduce him you need to be able to talk to him. Low lighting and soft music is enough to get any guy in the mood, but being in a place where he can’t tear your clothes off is going to naturally set up sexual tension. He’s going to want to take you into the bathroom or right on the table, but he can’t. Use this strategy to set up the natural barriers.

Have A 2nd Place To Go To

The thing about seduction is that it’s hard to do it in one place. When you have a second location you will be building the connection between the two of you. Men and women feel much more comfortable with each other when they have experienced different things together.

Psychologically speaking, men are going to feel a bigger connection to you when they have been to 2 or 3 different places rather than a 3 hour conversation in a bar. The connection should have already be laid out by the first location. Now that attraction has been built, it’s time to show him your fun side. Pick a more crowded bar or a place that he has to get closer to you to talk.

Touch Him

There are a lot of signs that women can use to show a guy that she’s interested in a physical relationship, but touch him is going to be the one that gets the best response. Touching his arm while he talks or grabbing his hand on the street is something that guys know.

Don’t play games with him. The last thing that you want when you’re trying to seduce a man is a mixed signal. Make it clear that you want him and he will pick up on it very quickly. He wants you to want to be with him so touching will only reinforce what you actually want.

Go Back To His Place

Going back to his place is one of the best moves that you can make. There are a few reasons why you want to go back to his place over you own. The first is that you can leave if things don’t work out. The second is that you won’t have to push him out the door the next morning when you just want to sleep.

Making a calculated decision to sleep with him requires forethought and taking him back to your place could be a recipe for disaster. If he gets clingy and knows where you live you could have to deal with unexpected knocks on your door. Don’t fall into this trap. Always go back to his place and you’ll be in the clear.

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