How To Talk To Her About Sex


Sex can be a difficult topic to cover in a conversation, but sometimes it’s necessary. Here’s how to discuss sex with a woman the right way.

Probably the most important conversation you can have with your lady about orgasms is the one in which you find out what it is she really likes. The best place to have this conversation is in the bedroom, because if done correctly, you’re going to be doing a lot more than just talking.

Let Her Know You Want Great Sex

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After you’ve discussed with your partner your desire to be an even better lover, you then need to explain that to do that you need to experiment a little and find out what she likes. If she’s willing (and most partners probably will be), the next step is to set the mood.

Use foreplay techniques to help her become aroused, then have her stretch out on a comfortable surface, preferably a bed. She should, of course, be completely naked. The next step is for you to explore her body. Move your hands slowly over every inch of her skin. Try different strokes, different movements on each part and take note of the ones, which bring about the most impressive results.

When you’ve explored her exterior, you’re ready to some similar exploring inside her. Try rubbing her clitoris in a variety of patterns. If you have some sex toys, give them a try as well. The idea is to experiment as much as you can to see what makes her feel the best. Encourage your partner to let you know what feels good because that’s the only way you’ll be able to get better. After all of your experimenting, both of you will probably be pretty worked up so take the chance to try out one of the of the positions from the book and see what happens.

How To Get Her To Communicate

When it comes to female orgasms, you and your partner are going to have to open the lines of communication. Even though lots of people have trouble talking about sex in and out of the bedroom, these conversations will provide you with a solid foundation on which to build.

Some sex conversations should be held in the bedroom while you’re both relaxed and aroused. This can make you both less inhibited and more likely to honestly share your secrets. It also makes it easier for the two of you to take things to the next level if those secrets turn you on.

Not all women are comfortable talking about sex. As we’ve said, women vary in how comfortable they are with this subject. If your woman is a little more reserved, don’t push her. Find ways of building trust with her and she will eventually open up to you.

The faked orgasm conversation is one that both of you need to have. By talking about this sensitive subject, you’ll show that you really are the kind of lover your partner wants and needs.

Never, Ever Be Judgmental

Never be judgmental. One important thing to remember when you are sharing sexual secrets is that you cannot be judgmental of her. If you tell her what she’s doing is wrong or bad, then she’s going to feel worse about her own sexuality, close her mind to experimentation, and feel betrayed by you. All of this is going to hinder her ability to reach orgasm with you or her future partners. If you can’t keep your negative opinions to yourself, then you probably shouldn’t be asking her these questions in the first place.

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