How Your Girl Acts When You’re Amazing In Bed


Most sex tips tell you the “how” – few sex tips actually tell you how your partner responds when you’re actually doing it right! Are you on the money?

I’ve talked to thousands of women about their intimate lives and I have seen it all – the great, the mediocre, and unfortunately the most common – the unfulfilled and unsatisfied. But the most surprising thing is that most guys are completely unaware of how they stack up in the bedroom.

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So how big of a deal is it anyway? And how do you know where you stack up?

Let me tell you something – it is a HUGE deal! Women crave sex FAR more than men. If you don’t believe me, then you are not giving her good nookie. PERIOD.

Women Want GOOD Sex!

The difference is that women only want it GOOD.

As a guy, you can have pretty mediocre nookie and still ejaculate. And even if it is phenomenal, most of the time you are still only going to finish once. Women on the other hand, usually don’t finish AT ALL from mediocre sex.

And no matter how “close” she tells you she was, or how good she tells you it was, if she’s not “getting there”, she is disappointed. And if it happens regularly we actually start to resent it, and even start to resent you for not learning how to do it right.

But from GREAT nookie, a woman can easily finish 3, 5, or even 10 times. The difference between amazing and just OK sex is not nearly as significant for guys as it is for girls.

Fellas That Can Do That Are Few

Guys that can give us AMAZING sex are few and far between. So if YOU are the guy giving a woman incredible nookie, it changes everything about how she’ll feel about you and how she treats you. In fact, guys who I have coached into bedroom rock stars often describe it as “eye-opening” and even “life-changing.” These are the sex tips that a lot of guides leave out.

There are a lot of signs – both in and out of the bedroom – that you are NOT satisfying your woman. Here’s just a few signs your girl is not satisfied.

Signs In The Bedroom

  • Your girl doesn’t always have an orgasm, and often doesn’t finish during intercourse
  • You frequently have to initiate intimacy
  • She is reluctant to go down on you, to have to do it in certain positions, to try anything adventurous

Signs Outside The Bedroom

  • You feel like you have to “earn” it, by taking her out or buying her things, or by being on your “best” behavior.
  • You think your girl just doesn’t like it as much as you do. She has to be in the right mood and not tired or stressed from work.
  • She nags you about household responsibilities, how you dress, how you act.
  • You and your girl aren’t having sex as much as you used to, and not as much as you would like to

If these sound like you, you aren’t alone.

How Does Your Girl Act When You Are Giving Her Amazing Sex?

Make no mistake about it, once you start giving your girl amazing nookie, everything, and I do mean everything about the relationship changes.

Inside The Bedroom

  • She wants to get it on more often than you do
  • She is eager to please you, enthusiastic to go down on you and try anything you suggest
  • She regularly comes from intercourse and has multiple orgasms

Outside The Bedroom

  • All nagging will end almost immediately
  • She buys you gifts, pays for dinners, is eager to please
  • She is eager to do you favors

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with buying that special lady a present now and then, and you certainly should – but it shouldn’t be as a way to earn something from her. That’s what these sex tips are all about – they show you that by giving a woman intense orgasms and satisfying her completely, you will get the same in return.

Remember These Two Things

  1. Women crave GOOD sex more than men crave it
  2. If you are giving your woman amazing sex, she will do everything she can to please and keep you – both in and out of the bedroom!

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