Is Sex On The First Date A Big Mistake?


Sex on the very first date – is it something you shouldn’t do or does it even matter? Here’s the truth about the right time to have sex!

What She Said:

This question drives me crazy! NO NO NO!!! Sex on a first date is not a mistake!! Sexual chemistry is fantastic and if you find yourself drawn to a guy physically on a first date, why not jump his bones? The thing is, if you wait to sleep with a guy until a certain amount of dates or a certain amount of time, you are just putting off the inevitable. What if you invest all that time in a guy and then you get to having sex and you hate it? Maybe he can’t keep a boner, or came too soon, or wanted to wear your panties or wanted you to dress up like a chicken. Or maybe he is just a terrible lay.

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Wouldn’t you want to know that in the beginning? So why wait all this time for bad sex? Worse, what if you started to fall for him and then you find out the sex is terrible? Sex should be just like every aspect of a relationship; you want to know if you are similar in your values, ideas, likes and sexual compatibility. Besides, most guys don’t know if they truly like a girl until they have been inside her. By skipping the waiting period before you have sex, you are saving you both time and money.

That being said, if you are on a first date and have absolutely nothing in common with this guy except for the heat between the two of you, might as well have a night of fun, no strings attached sex! Now, if you do like the guy and he likes you, having sex on the first date isn’t going to change that. Any guy that would consider you a slut for sleeping with him on a first date is not worth your time, so again you weed through the crappy men out there.

In all honesty, sex is great weather it’s a first date or a 7th, I just think you should get to it sooner whether then later, you might as well test out the merchandise before you commit to buying.

What He Said:

People seem to think that if you make a guy wait, you’re more likely to make him stick around. If he’s going to bail after he hits it, he’s going to bail after he hits it. Delaying intercourse won’t change that. That’s not something you can control. You can’t control other people. He may be a lying creep, or he may be a legitimately good guy who will hang around.

And if he is the good guy, all the more reason to screw his brains out as early and as often as possible. A little bit of hot steamy intercourse goes a long way in making a guy all about you (and by a “little” I mean “a lot.”) Be safe, of course. That is extremely important to say, and it can’t be understated. That being said, just let go and get naughty.

Life is a journey and love is the ultimate drug. But don’t make love a destination, enjoy the ride. You will find it, sooner or later, being patient is difficult. But practice is important. The more relationships you have, the more you learn, the more skilled you get, and the more tools you have in your arsenal and the better you are and the better prospective partner you can grab. And if the guy has performance issues, don’t just kick him to the curb.

Give him another chance, or maybe get him cock ring if you’re into him, or maybe that little blue pill. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You can always work with that situation. I’ve always maintained for a long term relationship the person attached to the genitalia is always the most important part (no pun intended. Okay, maybe a little intended)

Whenever you choose to screw someone is totally cool. As long as you’re doing it because that’s what feels right. If you’ve got some arbitrary number in your head, that’s when it’s not right.

And remember, never, ever play hard to get. Men do not like the “thrill of the hunt.” They like the “thrill of the hump.” Hand it to them on a silver platter and he’ll be way more likely to stick around.

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