The Lazy Man’s Guide to Great Sex


Everyone wants great sex, but because of a busy lifestyle that include kids, work, bills and a list of other everyday stresses we have to deal with, not everyone has the time or energy to give 100% during their lovemaking sessions.

Sometimes, we want to have mind blowing sex, but want to get it over with sooner than later, so we can get some sleep and get up for work the next morning!

The Little Black Book of Sex Positions
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Well, I’m here to tell you that you can have your cake and eat it too 🙂

The tips & techniques I’m about to show you are simple and energy-efficient. They’re great to use when you’re feeling tired, lack the physical stamina to do the karma sutra sex positions, don’t have the time to engage in all-night honeymoon-like sex, and most importantly, they are EFFECTIVE.

You’ll learn:

  • The best sex position for simultaneous orgasms
  • The best way to finger a girl
  • 1 simple ingredient you can add to oral sex that will give her goose bumps

Best Sex Position

Do you know what the best sex position is for giving you and your partner the feelings of intimacy? And at the same time, increasing your changes of simultaneous orgasms?

Before I share that with you, let me share something with you…

In many sex surveys, one of the most favorite sex position chosen by women is the missionary position.

At first I was a bit surprised to hear this; after all, there are other positions that can allow for greater feelings of physical pleasure. But after hearing the reason why women like this position, I can understand.

Here’s why: Women like the missionary position because of the face-to-face contact it provides. In other words, they liked the feeling of intimacy…

Even though this position isn’t ideal for female orgasms, it’s still a favorite among women.

Well, I’m sure you know exactly how to do the missionary mission, so I’m not going to teach you that 😛

But, the key idea here is this feeling of “Intimacy”.

Now, how can we better grasp this concept of “intimacy”? In other words, how can we increase the levels of intimacy, at the same time, increase the chances of female orgasms?

Enter the C.A.T

The Coital Alignment Technique (or CAT for short), is by far the best position for female orgasms.


Because this position is designed to maximize clitoral stimulation during intercourse…something that most other sex positions can’t!

The CAT position looks like the regular missionary position, but with a slight adjustment.

The main difference is that the male will penetrate from a higher angle (compared to the standard missionary position). And instead of thrusting in and out, the movement is more of a rocking or rubbing action.

Why The CAT Position Works

A woman can have an orgasm quickly and easily because the CAT position allows a woman’s clitoris to be stimulated. The stimulation from the base of the penis & pubic bone on the clitoris, combined with the rocking/rubbing action of the pelvis will allow a woman to reach orgasm. But it doesn’t end here… It’s a great sex position for men too. The woman’s legs are closer together, making the vagina feel “tighter”.

WARNING: The feeling of tightness might make men orgasm quicker than normal!

Combining the enhanced clitoral stimulation, tighter feel of the vagina, and face-to-face, body-pressed-on-body intimacy…achieving orgasms at the same time has never been easier!

How To Do The Coital Alignment Technique

Step 1: To get in the CAT position, slide your body 2-4 inches forward from the typical missionary position so that your pelvis is directly over hers.

Step 2: Your body should fall flat on hers (make sure that you support your body enough so you don’t crush her!).

Step 3: Both of your spines should be straight, and your bodies should be parallel to each other.

Step 4: You can be in between her legs, with her ankles wrapped around your calves. However, I’ve found from my experience that if she keeps her legs close together and you place your legs OUTSIDE of hers, it will produce a better response.

Step 5: Instead of thrusting in and out hard and fast like you would in the regular missionary position, what you’ll do is slowly and gently rock your hips. The base of your penis and your pubic bone will naturally rub up against her clitoris. Also, because you’re moving in a rhythmic rocking motion, you won’t be stimulate your penis as much compared to a thrusting motion, allowing you to last longer during sex.


  • The pleasure will build gradually, and the both of you will have orgasms that are much more intense and intimate compared to the missionary position.
  • As you sense an orgasm coming (from her or yourself), don’t speed up! Just maintain the gentle rocking motion and the orgasm will come naturally instead of being chased.
  • When you feel the sensations getting stronger, don’t speed up the rocking movement! What you want to do is continue at the same pace, and allow the orgasm to overtake you. I know this sounds hard to understand, but trust me on this one.

Best Way To Finger A Girl

I’m going to teach you an awesome way to ‘finger a girl’. Actually, this technique doesn’t involve vaginal penetration, so technically, it’s not fingering. But no matter, it still works pretty well 😉

It’s actually a “technique” that women use all the time. When masturbating, some women will start from the position of using her first and fourth fingers to spread open her labia, while the middle finger strokes her clitoris.

You can modify this for your purposes by using one hand to hold her open and the other hand (middle finger only) to tease and rub on her clitoris.

In the woman-on-top sex position, she can incorporate this technique by stimulating her own clitoris while you’re making love.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Locate her vaginal opening with the tips of your index and pointer fingers

Step 2: Slide your fingers directly upward along and between the inner labia of her vagina until you find her clitoris

Step 3: Spread your fingers apart so that your index finger is holding her left inner labia and your small fingers are holding her right labia away from the clitoris

Step 4: Your middle finger should be directly over the clitoris or within easy reach

Step 5: Begin light but circular strokes on and around the surface of the clitoris

Step 6: You can also occasionally dip your fingers down to the vaginal opening and stroke upward from the opening to the base of the clitoris

Step 7: Pay attention to how the clitoris responds to your touch As the clitoris becomes more stimulated and aroused it will swell and become harder and harder

Step 8: Use your sense of touch to determine the best angle, stroke, Pressure and timing for your partner. Let her responding clitoris be your guide.

Chew On This Before You Eat A Girl Out

You can enhance the pleasure of just about any oral sex technique with this one ingredient.

For this one to work, you’ll need to buy a box of Altoids Peppermints.

After you’ve eaten her out for a while, put one in your mouth and crunch it, letting the peppermint get on your tongue.

Go back and give her a few long slow licks covering her entire vulva. You want to spread the peppermint oil on her genitals…this will give her a cool tingling sensation.

Now, combine this with a “Cool Breath” by gently blowing onto her vulva.

Alternatively, you can try using cough drops, or even an ice cube to produce a similar effect.

BONUS TIP: When she’s performing oral sex on you, have her crunch down on an Altoid before hand. Trust me; you’ll like it just as much as she did!

Here’s What To Do Next

There you have it; now you know how to have time-pressed, great sex with little effort!  However, although these techniques are effective and efficient, you shouldn’t be using them all the time.  Especially when you DO have time to devote 100% to lovemaking and have all-night, “honeymoon-like” sex.

To get you started, I’ve compiled a PDF preview copy of The Female Orgasm Black Book.  It’s filled with TONNES of techniques (oral, manual stimulation, positions etc) just to give you a small taste of what my book is about.

Also, it has pictures!

To see them, visit the The Female Orgasm Black Book, tell me where you want your PDF preview copy, and I’ll send it to you.

"The Little Black Book of Sex Positions"

by Dan & Jennifer
(Now Available on Amazon!)

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