Help! My Libido Is Higher Than My Man’s!


Libido can be a drawback for any relationship. When your libido doesn’t match up with your guy’s it’s best not to the problem fester. It’s a growing phenomena that women are wanting and asking for more sex these days. Sometimes, a woman might want it a lot more than her man. Women are making the first moves and sometimes their partners are saying no. What’s a girl to do?

What She Said:

Chat With Your Man

First thing to do is have a chat with your man. We women are emotional and if our guy is turning us down, we take it personally. We think he is cheating, or doesn’t find us attractive. But before you jump to conclusions, you should see if maybe your guy is stressed, or over worked, or maybe he has money issues on his mind, or career problems.

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All these outside forces can affect his libido and have nothing to do with you! Instead of holding a grudge, talk to him.  See if something else is on his mind and explain to him your needs. If he is not in the mood, tell him that you aren’t looking for a hot sex marathon, but a little hanky panky would be fun.

Masturbate For Him

Even some cuddling can be amazing; women want to feel closeness with their guy, that doesn’t always-necessary mean sex. If it is the big O that you are looking for and your guy is not in the mood, why not let him watch you please yourself? Who knows, the visual might be all he needs to revive him and have him give you a hand, or penis.

What He Said:

Make An Effort To Turn Him On

Of course women want it more than men, they don’t have to do anything. All you women have to do is lay there and pretend it’s not happening, which you’ve been practicing for centuries. Then he rolls off you and he buys you something. It’s a good deal. There’s no pressure.

A guy has to perform. Literally. And double standards and unreasonable expectations used to be things that society only heaped on women. It was a kinder, simpler time, when men where men and women were the ones slitting their wrists if they couldn’t fit into their skinny jeans or if their man was banging someone else.

Now men have to deal with that stuff too. How messed up is that? What’s worse, now that women have their own money, they have their own power, now their acting just like men expecting more and more of their partners.

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Him To Perform

Yes, porn, cock rings, Viagra and all that jazz are great, but maybe make sure he isn’t feeling burdened or pressured. Maybe he can’t fuck all night long. Maybe he only does it in between commercials. Maybe he feels insecure about his penis size, or how long he lasts, how hard he gets or whatever.

Let him know it’s all good, and you’re not expecting anything other than the good loving he is known to deliver. If there’s pressure or stress on his mind, do what you can to alleviate it. A lot of it is out of your hands, to be sure, but whatever you can do to lighten things up, the better.

Taking the pressure off is huge, but so is turning the heat up. Take him to a strip club. Get each of you a lap dance. Take him to a yoga class and dress super sexy. Go to the beach, spend time at pool or hot tub. If you can afford a weekend getaway, do it. That alone can be huge in getting the boom boom back in the bedroom.

Sometimes the act of physically being in a new place makes the mind feel like it’s physically separated from the problems that a person’s going through, despite the fact that they are in their own head.

Let him know quickies are all good, buy some Kama Sutra books or porn, but be advised that it may take a bit of effort to get the sex life ramped up how you like and one partner may still have a stronger libido than the other, but hopefully, if you’re patient and persistent, you’ll be having sex on a more regular basis.

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