Love, Sex, and Dating 2008 – The Best of Dan and Jennifer


Just in case you missed any of the excitement this year, here’s a wrap of 2008!

I’m including our best, most talked about, and most controversial love, sex, and dating topics of the year.

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Love & Relationships

  1. I’m In A Sexless Marriage! What Happened?
  2. Should You Stay In A Sexless Marriage?
  3. In Love and Dating… Does Our Age Difference Really Matter?
  4. Do You Know The #1 Secret To A Truly Happy Relationship?
  5. Love, Sex, or Money? The Three Biggest Reasons Couples Fight and How They Can Be Avoided?
  6. (Video)
  7. Help! My Husband Is Forcing Me To Make A Porn Video!
  8. Lying Virgin – Do Hookers and Hand Jobs Count?
  9. Watching Porn – How Do I Make My Lying Husband Come Clean?
  10. How to Stop Resentment From Killing Your Relationship

Sex & Intimacy

  1. Is Anger Over Previous Sex Partners Justified?
  2. How Do We know If An Open Marriage Is Right For Us?
  3. Can Swinger Relationships REALLY Work?
  4. Should I Tell My Parents I’m Gay?
  5. Should I Tell My Parents I’m Gay?
  6. How Can I Please My Partner With My Small Penis?
  7. Hard Nipples – Does It Mean She Is Happy To See Me?
  8. Does Liking Anal Sex With a Strap On Make Me Gay?
  9. Why Is Masturbation So Taboo?
  10. Is Anal Sex Really Dangerous?
  11. I Like Watching Porn… What’s The Big Deal?
  12. When to Say NO to Anal Sex…
  13. He Pulled Out… Can I Still Get Pregnant?
  14. Honestly, Does Penis Size Really Matter?
  15. Can Men Really Have Multiple Orgasms?
  16. Do You Know The Hidden Dangers of Anal Sex?
  17. Frustrated Girl – Why Can’t I Have An Orgasm With My Partner?
  18. Oral Sex and Orgasm Dilemma – I Want To Finish In Her Mouth…
  19. MILF Fantasy – Should I Have Sex With My Ex’s Mom?
  20. Are My Sexual Fetishes And Kinky Fantasies Bad?
  21. Peeping Tom – How Do I Turn My Fantasy Into Reality?

Singles & Dating

  1. Who Should Pick Up The Check On The First Date?
  2. In Love and Dating… Does Our Age Difference Really Matter?
  3. She Gave Me Her Number… Should I Ask Her Out On A Date?(Video)
  4. Dating Tips – Does No ALWAYS Mean No?
  5. How To Ask A Shy Girl Out On A Date…
  6. All In Good Fun – Or Date Rape?
  7. How To Know If She’s Straight (and interested in you…), Bisexual, or Lesbian?
  8. How Do I Tell My Best Friend I Want to Be More Than Friends?
  9. My Girlfriend Says She Needs Space – What Does That Mean?
  10. My Boyfriend Wants To Have Sex Before Marriage But I’m Not Sure. Is It Really Okay?
  11. Met Someone New? How Long Should You Date Before It’s OK To Have Sex?
  12. How to Get Over Shyness & Fear of Rejection to Get the Girl
  13. How To Embrace Your Inner Geek And Still Get The Girl!

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