Low Female Sex Drive In The 20’s


If you are in your twenties and you have a low sex drive, you are not alone. So many women are struggling to keep up with their man when it comes to getting intimate. Men are complaining all the time about having to make do with their hands or having to wait until she runs out of alibis to make an aggressive move.

There are so many reasons why women experience this phenomenon in their twenties. They are a few decades away from menopause and they shouldn’t have trouble with hormones yet. However, the reality is that women avoid sex and are quite happy to never have sex during an ordinary work week.

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I’m not a psychologist or a doctor, but I have a few ideas on why female sex drive plummets in the 20’s.

Unsatisfactory First Experiences

This applies particularly when the woman experienced sex early in life. Think of how many high school seniors have done it at the back of a pickup truck or under the stars in the park. A woman’s first sexual experience lingers in her head, and could affect the way she views sex.

Oftentimes, you will hear women say “sex is overrated.” You have to wonder when that idea came about. Maybe her first few sexual encounters left her bored or in pain. Maybe she has never experienced this so-called orgasm.

This doesn’t just apply to women who were sexually abused. Even girls who led a perfectly normal sex life often say “no” because they think there’s nothing to really look forward to.


A twenty-something woman has many other things to focus on besides sex. First is her career. She wants to go as far as she can at work before she settles down. So what if she has to sacrifice a few nights with her husband or boyfriend to finish work? Some women spend the whole decade of their 20’s to improve their career.

Next is her looks. When she’s not thinking of ways to get a promotion, she is worrying about her looks. If she has to sacrifice sex for a whole night with her bright blue, anti-aging facial mask on, so be it. Some girls also worry that their hair will look limp and lifeless if they don’t sleep with curlers on.

Negative Body Image

In addition to skin care, a woman might be too concerned about her “worsening” figure during her 20’s. Metabolism is slowing down, and she realizes she cannot pig out like she used to do during high school. Even if the weight gain isn’t drastic, a woman’s sexual self-esteem could plummet.

It is no secret that a woman’s sex drive suffers if she thinks her body looks hideous when she is naked. Some men never notice, but women who often want the lights closed during sex have a growing suspicion that their body is a turn-off.

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