How To Make Her Less Shy During Sex


Sex doesn’t always come naturally to women. If she’s shy, use these HOT techniques to tune into her inner freak and drive her absolutely wild!

Do you know why some men are able to bring out the sexually wild and adventurous side of any woman with almost effortless ease? Well, if you have had the experience of being in a long term relationship with a girl who seems sexually reserved, or if you are in a sexual relationship with a woman who balks at doing anything even slightly adventurous in bed, you would probably wonder why.

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But there is no need to put yourself down for not being able to bring out the wild and sexy side in her. There are two simple principles that will turn your girl – even if she is the most sexually reserved woman – into a passionate, wild woman in bed.

Stop Being “Nice” To Her

Have you ever wondered why “bad boys” or jerks always seem to score well with women in bed? No, I don’t mean you should turn yourself into a barbaric, unreasonable chap who demands the world from his girl in bed. But you should know that you cannot trigger an intense sexual chemistry with her by being her best friend or the person that she confides in. These behaviors will instead have an exact opposite effect on her.

Work On Your Sexual Shyness, Not Hers

Your woman will synchronize with your level of comfort during sex. In other words, if you secretly feel insecure about your own sexuality or sexual ability, chances are that she will feel the same way too. As a result, it will subconsciously fill her with a powerful need to suppress her own sexual desires when you are around her. On the contrary, if you are confident about sex, and know exactly what to do during sex, she will synchronize with that kind of emotional energy too! She will feel less inhibited, and less embarrassing to reveal her own desires when having sex.

The Bottom Line

Always bear in mind that if you are nervous about your own ability to perform in bed, this will have a direct effect on how she will perceive her own sexual abilities. She may even be ashamed of her own sexual desires and feel tensed up whenever sex is on the cards. On the other hand, if you are assured and confident about your ability to please her, those “yucky” fantasies she has in her mind all this while will suddenly become kind of HOT!

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