Make Him BEG For You – With Only 1 Easy Technique!


Sex is pretty simple for a fella – he puts it in and off he goes. Sure, men like foreplay too, but intercourse is where it’s at for the guys. Once he’s inside, he’s home free. But what if you could tease him SO bad that he begs you to wrap your legs around him? What if you could make him want you so much, that he feels like he’s going to explode? Here’s how!

Start By Giving Him A Great Blowjob

Men like foreplay. It’s not necessarily a requirement – because let’s face it, he will get off if you just skip straight to sex – but you can really turbo charge his desires by beginning with a blowjob. No, this isn’t a “finishing” blowjob. You don’t want to suck him off to the point of orgasm, because that will defeat the purpose. You’re going to use this as your warm up.

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The pace you want to go at throughout this entire scenario is slow. Not painfully slow, but deliciously slow. You want to accentuate every single move you’re making, so you want to go slow, slow, slow. When giving him oral sex, start out by gently licking up and down his penis like a lollipop. This isn’t going to do much for him physically, but he’ll definitely enjoy the show, so make sure you make some eye contact here and make sure he’s in a position where he can watch.

As you get farther into the blowjob, you still don’t want to speed things up too much. Move your mouth up and down his penis, but do it very slowly. Let him feel your lips dragging up and down his penis, and over the veins and ridges of his erection. He will love it, and it will get him ready for what you’re going to do next!

Choose Your Sex Position

This maneuver is really going to work only in the missionary or woman on top sex positions. You may think this is a drawback, but it’s not – it’s about time you learned how to make boring old missionary or woman on top hotter than it ever has been before!

When your guy is nice and warmed up (and you should be too, if you enjoy giving oral sex at all – and if he’s made plenty of noises and gestures to let you know that he’s really into it) you’re going to slip into the sex position that you plan on using. If you want more control over your own orgasm, woman on top is an excellent choice. If you’ve already gotten yours, say if you fingered yourself or used a vibrator while you were going down on him, or if missionary really is your thing, then let him take his place on top of you.

The 1 Easy Trick To Get Him To BEG For Release!

Put the head of his penis into your vagina – but no further! Have sex with just the head of his penis. If you’re on top, this is easy to do. If he’s on top, you’re going to have to position your legs around his hips so you can use your leg muscles to stop him when he starts going in too far. What makes this so sexy is that you’re not “letting” him enter you fully!

Again, remember that your pace is slow. You want him to feel the warmth and the wetness with the head of his penis (which is the most sensitive part, mind you) but if you go too fast, some of the sensations may be lost since you’re not giving him sensation on the entire length of his penis. By going slow, you accentuate each movement, so letting only his head enter you is going feel amazing for him.

After just a few minutes of doing this, you want to either thrust yourself down onto his penis, or use your legs to pull him deeply into you, depending on what sex position you’re in. This is the ONLY part that isn’t slow – you want to get his shaft into your vagina fully in one quick movement. You should hear an audible “gasp” at this point, because he will be overwhelmed by the sensations!

Only allow a stroke or two before you pull him out and only let him use the head of his penis. Remember to go slow enough for him to feel everything! After a few times of allowing him to feel his entirety inside of you, he’s going to be begging for release! In fact, he may very well turn the “alpha male” on and just take you!

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