How To Make Love To A Woman The Right Way


Sex for men is a lot like revving up an engine and going full throttle until the finish line, but for women, it’s more like a leisurely ride by the coast, enjoying the scenery and stopping every once in a while for an ice cream or two. This difference in the way men and women perceive good sex leads to the disconnect that we (and women) often feel inside the bedroom.

Sexual chemistry is something you can brew, and continue to brew, as the night goes on. It involves increasing and decreasing anticipation in the girl, and making her look forward to more. If you’re wondering what all these mean, read on to find out how to make love to a woman the right way.

Step 1: Increase Sexual Tension

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Sexual tension is always present when you are interacting with a girl you like. It can lead to sex, or to a romantic encounter at least. One result of sexual tension is excitation of the senses, which makes you more aware of how close she is to you and how nervous you’re feeling when you’re around her.

This sexual awareness can be increased to a feverish degree when you’re preparing for sex. By making her think “oh no, I’m getting excited,” you’re psychologically setting the stage for her first orgasm.

Step 2: Excite Her Senses

When she’s fully aware of the inevitable (that you’re going to do it with her and you’re going to give her a great time), her perspective narrows down to instant action and reaction. This means when you kiss her, her eyes move to your lips. When you touch her, she notices how coarse or smooth your hands are. In addition, when you lean over, she can smell the cologne you put on that morning.

This is the phase when she’s absolutely mesmerized with you, and her attention is 100% on you. When you reach this point, don’t hold back. Talk dirty to her if she’s into that, or continue making her extremely aware of your presence by moving closer (embracing, taking off her clothes, etc.).

Step 3. Invite Her To Participate In The Action

After you’ve done the first two steps, she’s bound to be in an orgasmic frenzy. It’s time to allow her to “act on her desires” by guiding her hand to where you want to be touched, and reacting accordingly.

Making a woman feel that she’s partly in control, and that she can make you lose control if she feels like it, makes sex all the more exciting for her. However, you have to do this without taking your hands off her so that she continues to be under your spell, even when she thinks you’re under hers.

Sex is both physically and mentally stimulating, and if you do it right, there’s no way the woman will say you’re a lousy lay. Do yourself a favor and just try these tips out the next time you’re with your girlfriend. You will be glad you did.

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