Married Sex: 9 Ways To Break Out Of Your Sex Rut


Married sex is well known for its lack of heat behind closed doors, but does that mean you should resign yourself to a sex rut just because you’re wearing a ring on your finger? Not hardly. There are lots of ways you can bring the fire back into your sexual relationship – it just takes a little effort and some imagination. Check out these 10 titillating tips to break out of a sex rut and make married sex super steamy again!

Get A Make Over

A woman’s self esteem in a marriage plays a big role in how sexy she feels – and as a result, how often her husband ends up getting laid. If you’re feeling less than super hot, it’s time to get a little make over. If you can’t afford the full meal deal when it comes to getting primped, opt for a mani/pedi or a relaxing massage instead. Doing something ultra-girly just for yourself will make you feel better and put you in a “let’s-do-it-tonight” mood.

Share A Sex Fantasy With Your Partner

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Married sex ends up getting boring because it’s often the same thing over and over. Sure, it’s great to be comfortable with your guy and know what to expect when you hit the sheets, but the best way to get out of the sex rut is to throw your partner a curveball now and again. Try sharing a sex fantasy with your lover, whether it’s something tame like light bondage, or something a little racier. (Diapers, anyone?)

Sext Him

Sending racy texts to your lover is a great way to get him thinking about you all day. By the time he gets home from work, he’ll be dying to get your clothes off! The same applies to you. Let him know how much it turns you on at work when you get sweet and sexy text from him at lunch.

Try Dirty Talk

One great way to break out of your sex rut is to try dirty talk together. Trying dirty talk will take married sex to a whole new level, making it feel new, fun and exciting all over again. Start out slow, with just a few vocal sounds – especially if you’ve been the quiet, shy type in the past. You can then move on to describing how great something feels or what you’re going to do to your partner next.

Take A Vacay

The daily grind is usually the biggest contributor towards a boring sex rut after the “I do’s.” Spice it up by breaking up the monotony and going on a romantic vacation. Feel free to plan a big vacation to your favorite romantic spot if you’ve got the funds, but if not, a simple weekend (or even night) away at a local hotel will do the trick. Simply changing up the scenery will do your love life wonders!

Check Out Each Other’s Scent

Pheromones are an incredibly powerful aphrodisiac – way better than any scented candle or massage oil. Inhale your partner’s scent by wearing an old t-shirt of his to bed or showering with his soap. You’ll be thinking about him non-stop until you get your hands on him! Alternatively, spritz a bit of your favorite perfume (ideally something that has the same scent as your shampoo since this is what he inhales every time he hugs you) in his car before he heads to work.

Try New Sex Positions

While trying new sex positions may seem like a cliche way to spice up married sex, it’s a tried and true way to get out of the sex rut. Even just flipping over and doing it doggy style once or twice can make doing it with your partner feel new all over again.

Have Sex In New Places

Instead of always heading to the bedroom to get busy with your partner, try some different sex places. The excitement of doing it somewhere new and different (as well as the fear of getting busted) will thrill you and your man to no end. Try doing it on the couch first, and then graduating to the dressing rooms at your local department store or even a show car in the middle of the mall!


Many married couples don’t spend enough time on foreplay. After a busy day at work and tending to the kids, most couples just don’t have the energy to do anything but a quickie, causing them to fall into a huge sex rut. Plan a night where you can spend some extra time on foreplay so both you and your partner get completely satisfied.

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